Player, coach and/or alumni interviews

Interview: Senior Attackmen & Captain, Scott Perri 

WPF:  Let’s start with the team, you sit at 6-5 overall and are 2-2 in still very wide open CAA, what’s your assessment of the first 11 games and has Drexel gotten better as a team?

SP:   We’ve been on a rollercoaster since the first whistle against Virginia. We have had some great moments and some horrible moments. Right now we are focusing on working hard every practice so we can carry that over to working hard in the game for 60 minutes. The win at Penn State, although wasn’t picturesque, was what we needed. Everyone knows the CAA is a dogfight. A win is a win. We played hard, everyone was involved and we came out on top. Now we’re going to take that momentum to Massachusetts and beat the Minutemen.
WPF: 5 tough losses so far and all of them to ranked teams, what was the toughest out of conference loss of the season and which one of the two CAA foes do you want another shot at.
SP: Every loss is tough. Every one of our losses except for our Hofstra game, we were winning or tied going into the fourth quarter. Nova was a tough loss for us. We hate Nova and they play down the road from us. We wanted that game and losing a thriller 14-13 early in the season was very disappointing. As for the CAA, both losses hurt for different reasons. The Hofstra game was tough because we never had the momentum and couldn’t stop them from picking up a groundball, and the Delaware game was a tough loss because we were winning at halftime and gave up the lead. With all these losses, I believe our team is better for them. We learn from our mistakes and we’re poised to make a run to the playoffs.
WPF: UMass this weekend, what are you guys doing differently to prepare for this big test?
SP:  We want to take the momentum from Penn State and bring it to UMass. The Penn State game was our first “play off” game. Last week we knew we would have to win our next three CAA games to get into the playoffs. So far we are 1-0 in that quest. Now, we want to make it 2-0 against a great UMass team who is ranked nationally. Our backs are still against the wall and were not going to go down with out throwing punches. We know it is do or die. We’re going to give them everything we have.
WPF:  Well, best of luck this weekend, we can’t wait to follow the game this Saturday.  Now on to this season you’re having ……..WOW!  Right now you’re tied for second in the country for points per game and you’re in the top 5 for both goals and assists, that’s head turning, so do you think Quint Kessenich knows who you are?
SP:  Thank you for the acknowledgement. However, I don’t think he knows who I am. I have been lucky enough to be part of this program for 4 years now and have played and met many great Drexel players. Players like Bruce Bickford, Steve Grossi, and Adam Crystal have had amazing careers here yet they flew under the radar. Our program has shown that we can consistently contend against the best. I believe it is time to start getting recognized. However, to get recognized you have to win. I have no intention of losing any more games. It is time for our program to be recognized.
WPF: How does it feel to be topping the charts with fellow Smithtown West teammate Rob Pannell?  Does you guys have a little side bet going by now or what?
SP: It’s awesome to see Rob and I near each other on the stat sheets. We have been best friends since middle school and have had great chemistry as players. I knew Robs moves before he made them and vice versa. We call each other every weekend after our games. We give each other advice and encouragement. It’s awesome. It is also great to be able to put Smithtown West on the map. There is no side bet for us right now. We are both happy for each other and the success we’ve been having.
WPF: right now the entire attack is putting points up, what does Glynn and Church bring to the table and why are you guys working so well as a group right now?
SP: I think each player brings a different style and element to the game. Glynn has a cannon. When he gets his shot off there is a great possibility that it is going in or at least hurting the goalie. Church brings a quick accurate shot and good field vision to the line. He can pick his spots on the goalie, he may not over power the goalie, but he will make the goalie guess where he is putting the ball. And I bring the veteran leadership that I think is important to the group. Some people forget that Church and Glynn are both sophomores and still have much to learn. All three of us have unique abilities that complement each other’s games.
WPF: The injury bug has hit a little this year, who have you seen step up a little with some extra time coming their way.
SP: With Dana out against Penn State, Matt Dusek our freshmen pole stepped up huge making a successful transition from long pole to close defense. He had a great game and helped solidify our defense. Drew Collins was out for a month with a broken rib and I think Chris Farquhar stepped up and took a leadership role.
WPF: As always, we need a little story from the inside ……..
SP: Everyone knows that it’s a battle at the face-off X. Today, our faceoff men Deven Thomas and Mike Roe had a different type of faceoff. During our scrimmage there were some hacks thrown and Mike and Deven started to have a brawl. The fight ended when Deven had Roe pinned to the ground and gave a couple of good shots to Mike. Needless to say we had to redo the faceoff. Deven lost the faceoff because he started before the whistle blew. I guess Deven won the battle, but Roe won the war.
WPF:  Thanks Scott!

Interview: Junior Midfielder & Captain, Andrew Collins 

First and foremost I’d like to thank WPF for all the support. It’s been great having you all at our games. Hearing you guys on the sideline and throughout the game is definitely a boost. So thank you!

WPF: Drew, we didn't play a ton of defense vs Mount and Lafayette and then you guys were up in Hofstra so your injury has gone a little under the radar. What happened, hows rehab going and when your going to rejoin the troops?

AC: Not exactly sure how it happened but I broke my ‘4th’ rib on the left side of my chest. Rehab is going well. Still out of all contact drills during practice but I partake in all stickwork festivities. Monday will be the start of my 4th week out. Once week 4 hits it’s up to me and how I feel. It’s still a little tender but I’m making sure I keep my feet underneath me so when I do come back, I’m back in full force. I’ll definitely be back with the troops when we head up north to UMass but hopefully sooner.

WPF: Well, I speak for everyone when I say we look forward to seeing #10 back out there, it can't come soon enough. So at the start of the season you were asked to be a captain for this team as a junior, that's impressive, what does that honor mean to you and what do you like about helping to lead this team?

AC: It’s a great honor to be named captain as a junior. There is no better feeling than leading this team into battle. I like being a guy the team can count on to make a play at the end of a game. It’s been a big learning experience, learning how to lead on the field and how to become a person that other players can come to.

WPF: Your brother and Drexel assistant coach was a great player in this conference, unfortunately he played for Delaware, whats it like having your brother as a coach? And what is it like during Delaware week?

AC: It’s awesome having my brother as a coach. Seeing him everyday isn’t that bad either. He knows his stuff. He’s been around the lax world long enough to understand how things need to be done. It’s nice to have a coach who can relate to his players as well as he does. Unfortunately he did go to Delaware. But he’s a Dragon now and he wants to win this game just as much as we do. He’s doing a good job getting everyone focused and making sure everyone is prepared.

WPF: You play a somewhat "unsung" role on this team, whats it like being a D middy in general, and whats it like on this team and in this defense?

AC: Being a D-mid is by far the greatest position on the field. There’s no better feeling than jackin up some O mid. We D-mids are work horses. We don’t get the glory, or the girls, like them attackmen but we do capitalize on our opportunities. The D-mids on our team understand our role. Were the game changers. When we do our job and shut down our man then let our poles go to work, were in great shape.

WPF: I know you guys are probably a little down after Hofstra, but how has the team responded this week while getting ready for Delaware?

AC: Losing to Hofstra was definitely a wakeup call. We had a good hard week of practice. Everyone worked hard and got after it. Everyone is ‘raring’ to go. We all remember what happened last year. They ended our season. Won’t happen again.

WPF: OK, we love this part, how about something funny or from the inside that has happened in the last few weeks?

AC: Highlight of the week. Bergs VS Tufano. During 1v1’s the ball hit the ground. Bergs and Frank both went after the gb hard. Frank laid some lumber on Bergs 7 yards away from the ball. Bergy wasn’t too happy with it, words were exchanged and haymakers started being thrown. Both exchanged blows before Frank body slammed Bergs to the turf. The scuffle continued on the ground for a few more seconds then the play was blown dead. Great battle my both men.