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Closing the Book on Robert Morris (and Nova) 

In between the polar vortex and the stormageddon that is going to hit tomorrow, Drexel hosted Robert Morris on a cold but sun drenched day in West Philly and the team dispatched their cross state rival 18-12.  With the bad taste of the Nova loss still on their minds, the boys came to play as they lead this one from start to finish.  Other than a small surge from Bobby Mo in the second half, this one was well in hand and as you will see below, there was a bunch of guys who contributed to this win. 

Let’s be honest, the Nova loss sucked.  It was a game that the Dragons had until it slipped away late, and now we’ll have to wait and see how it could affect late season tournament selections.  That said, the season is still young and the only thing you can do after a game like that is get ready for the next one.   Twice now the boys have put behind tough one goal loses and came out with solid performances, I’m looking at that as a major positive for this club going forward.

Let’s close the book on this past week so we can move on to the Red Storm:


The Sunny

Cole Shafer:  Dude ….. Cole …… are you serious kid!?!?!?!?  Last season the Sunny Side couldn’t get enough of Benny Mc and the performances he was having, this season the guy is Cole.  The red shirt frosh from British Columbia is absolutely sizzling to start this season.  10 more points this week including 7 against Robert Morris has the kid pacing this squad with 21 points after 4 games.  Hopes were high, but this output has to be exceeding everyone’s expectations.  Adding to the “wow” type rips he puts on cage, he had a goal yesterday when he slipped some crafty behind the back past the keeper when we was basically below goal line then.  Later he laced a pass across the field on a fast break to a sprinting long pole that was perfect.  Only question to round out this week is if Cole will win his 3rd straight CAA Rookie of the week, my guess is he does.

The “Man” Goals:  While Shafer has been a major spotlight; the young buck wouldn’t have a chance to do what he is doing if he didn’t have men like Trizano, McIntosh and Belka around him.  Yesterday the “man” goals were on full display as this well know trio all had moments where they dodged like they wanted to get somewhere, and when they weakened their opponent, they got where they wanted on the field and stuck shots.  The 3 combined for 15 points, and more than that, they instilled their will on the D in front of them.  These 3 were a known quantity coming into the season, so they’re not sneaking up on anyone, and so far their making it happen for this team.

Freshmen Contributions: The coaches have to be feeling good about this freshman class after watching several of these young guys play and play well yesterday.  #19 Nick Valentino from Hempfield, PA started the scoring yesterday when he made a solid right hand ally dodge and stuck one on the run.  He showed off his quick split (which has some toughness to it as well) when later in the 4th he had a similar type goal.  #20 Matt Senft, who is also from Hempfield, played some X attack and looked smooth working within the offense.  He cashed in late with a goal when he got high on his man and stuck one.  #6 Jake Genossa, who looked good playing some pole yesterday, properly introduced himself to WPF when he followed a fast break off the face off and buried a pass from Shafer late in the second quarter.  #31 Markel Nelson and #29 Jake Kiernan, who have seen time and looked good so far this season, had another noticeably good outing yesterday.  Honorable mentions to red shirt frosh #41 Brandan Fabian and Matt Barnes who had good moments at short stick D and at the face off X respectively.

DMids – While the D as a whole has had a good season without anyone really standing out, the boys in the middle of the field have held their own and have been very good.  Jason Klunder, Jordan Klunder, Mason Pynn (who is really more of a O mid but played a bunch of D mid yesterday and looked good) and Matt Clark cleared the ball with ease and were also each credited with a caused TO.   

Stats: Nick, Deven and Matt Barnes finished 19-31 from the X, Nick had the best line of day going 17-27.  The O scored 18 goals on 41 shots; you’ll take that all day long.  GB’s were 38-35 in favor of the Dragons and the goalies, mids and poles worked together to clear the ball 19 of 19 times.


The Middle

Goalie Changes:  It’s not in the Sunny and it’s not in the Dark, but it should be noted that after the first half, while leading 7-3, the coaches went to Cal Winkelman for the second half.  Cal coming in cold had an uneven day, which is to be expected when you sit through the first half of a cold day.  Since sharing the Virginia game, Gabrielsen had played all of the minutes and has been very good, including 7 saves with only the 3 goals against in the first half on Saturday.  Again, there is nothing in this getting on Cal, it’s very tough to come in cold ….. on a cold day.  It will just be interesting to see where this goes. 


The Dark

Man Up – Tough week for the power play as the man advantage went 3 for 10.  While that’s not the worst % ever, they went 2-8 against Nova and failed to convert an opportunity in OT.  In a one goal game that stat hurts.

Turnovers – Again, this is mostly related to the Nova game where they turned the ball over 19 times, including 12 times in the second half and OT.  But yesterday wasn’t much better when the turnover count reached 17.  Need to take better care of the ball going forward.


Next Up – St. John’s Red Storm

Next on the schedule is St. John’s, which is scheduled to come into town with their stud attackman Kiernan McKardle for Tuesday @ 4pm tilt.   However, with this next major winter chapter coming tomorrow, who knows what will happen to the game.  We’ll try and update the masses if anything gets delayed or anything else.  Hopefully the game gets played and the boys get above .500 for the first time this season.

Know Your Enemy - Robert Morris 

After another tough one goal loss for the Dragons (1-2), they look to bounce back tomorrow against a tough opponent in unranked Robert Morris (1-1). Drexel fell Tuesday night out on the mainline against a talented Villanova squad in OT while Bobby Mo has lost to Bellarmine and beaten Detroit thus far. Drexel will face RMU at Vidas Field this weekend and try to get themselves back on track as well as back to .500.

The colonials are just barely outscoring their opponents so far this year, averaging 9gpg. The offensive thus far has been led by Freshman Canuck A/M JonPatrik Kealey (5g, 1a) and Sophomore M James Rahe (4g, 2a). The offense has a pair of 5 point getters thus far with 2g and 3a coming from both So. attackman Luke Laskiewicz and Jr. attackman Jacob Ruest. The offense has 39 turnovers so far in 2 games against subpar defensive units, so expect the Dragon D to take advantage of sloppy play. They are also a woeful 1-7 on man-up so far this year.

The Colonial defense is led by goalie Sr. Brian Bohn (.605 sav).The only close defenseman to start both games is R Jr. Alex Kelly, which probably explains why their defense has given up 91 shots in 2 games. To Detroit. And Bellarmine. They are averaging 8.5 GAA, which isn’t bad, until you remember who they’ve played so far. They are only 55.6% on the man-down unit but have only give opponents 9 opportunities so far this year. RMU is 53.5% at the face-off x after 2 games.

I’m not going to lie, that was a tough to write. Still pretty bummed about losing to tough opponent on Tuesday night and trying to get hyped up for a team like this is difficult. There is no reason why we don’t win by 7-8 on Saturday. They are struggling against not only unranked opponents, but bad ones at that.

Time to make a statement and take care of business boys.

N0w you know, and knowing is half the battle.


Coaches Corner - Nova 

We lost to Villanova 11-10 in OT Tuesday night.  We knew it was going to be a battle.  Villanova has a good defense, and a great FO guy.  The guys played hard, but we made too many mistakes.  We were in a tough situation because Villanova did not play this past weekend, and I think the extra rest gave them a big advantage.  That being said, we still should have won.  We never trailed in the game, and had the ball and the lead with two minutes to go.  I feel like we let one get away.  I know I'm second guessing some of the things I did at the end of the game, and I'm sure some of the guys are too.  Hopefully we'll learn from this, and it will help us down the road.  We need to re-focus, and get the win this weekend.  We play Robert Morris on Saturday at Home at 1pm.

Brian Voelker
Head Men's Lacrosse Coach