Thank you for your DONATION - Part 2

Thank you for your DONATION - Part 2


Good evening West Philly’s Finest Faithful,


Over a week ago we posted our Donation List from this year. Well it looks like more supporters have joined the group and gave to the 2012 Drexel Dragons Men’s Lacrosse Program! This is exactly what we like to see and you deserve to be recognized!


I want to first thank the new folks (names are bolded) on the list, as well as, thank the entire list as a whole! We are here to support the Drexel Dragons Lacrosse program in every facet of its being, and one of those just happens to be monetary donations!


Here is the most up to date list of Donations up to this point in 2012:


Mike Avato

Bruce Bickford

Andrew  Blahut

Ed Boron

Mark Brundage

Doug Burns

Craig Caputo

Patrick Friel

Ron Garling

Michael Hagan

Michael Koons

Sean Maloney

Matt McCormick

Joe McKernan

Brian McWilliams

Lemuel Moerschel

Matt Morettini

Mathew Munoz

Brian  Neary

Bill Quinlan

Carl Ray

Jesse Rumble

Nick Sannelli

Matt Slotman

Adam Swyers

Andrew  Tan

Joe Wojciechowski

Tom Young


As the donations keep coming in, I will keep updating the list! Our support not only help’s the players directly, but it also helps the University see how serious this alumni group is about the Drexel Dragon Lacrosse Program!


Keep it up guys and great work so far!


Thank you!




Donation instructions are as follows:

Click URL:

*Please make note that when donating type “Men’s Lacrosse” in the “Additional Instructions” field