Swag for Days

Swag for Days

Team store is currently closed as of March 20th, but that doesn't mean you can't put some of this f-f-f-fresh gear on your X-Mas / Hannukah list now does it?


Check out the gear on the website that fellow WPF & Calvert Hall alum Billy "BQ" Quinlan was able to hook up through his numerous connections up & down I-95. 




If you have any questions about sizing, when the store will re-open or about life in general, feel free to shoot us an email - westphillysfinest@gmail.com


(Mom - if you're reading this, I want a pair of XL shorts, you know I can't fit into Larges anymore because of my ass.)



The Boys are gonna get some this week against Hofstra.  In the same week that Tim Tebow aka the Messiah is headed to New York, Adam Crystal aka The Jewish Jordan is headed to West Philly.  I'll take Crystal ALL DAY, EVERDAY over Tebow.  Kid's a stud & not charging for autographs anymore.  Where you gonna be on Saturday at 7pm??? See youse there.