Our prayers and thoughts are with Brendan Glynn

Our prayers and thoughts are with Brendan Glynn

WPF Contingent, Alumni, Family, and Friends,

Although this may be a delayed response and we apologize for that; we want to send our deepest and most optimistic thoughts and prayers to Brendan Glynn and his entire family on a full recovery from his injuries. 

Lacrosse is always secondary when it comes to the severity of Brendan's accident and the injuries he sustained. We are all amazed and inspired by his progress up to this point and the fact that he has been released from the hospital is simply incredible and a testament to Brendan. We wish you all of the best on a full recovery.

That being said, we will miss that lefty laser coming from any corner of the field this season and the confidence you bring to the lacrosse field!

Cheers Brendan! We are all praying for you everyday!