At Nova

At Nova

Good afternoon Alumni and Friends

Well our Dragons are back at it tonight at 7pm. Drexel takes the bus ride down Rt. 30 through West Philadelphia to the Main Line.

I am extremely proud of this group on all sides of the ball after last Saturday. Goalie play was superb, Offense put up points, and Defense didn’t let the other team score more than our team…solid recipe for a huge win! In all seriousness, the win is one the Dragons needed and deserved last Saturday…they earned it over their opponent.

I usually go into a rant about Villanova’s character, where they come from, touch on the main line persona, etc. etc. etc. We all know that’s true and it’s always fun. The hate I have towards the Villanova Lacrosse program is a unique one. Not many teams on this schedule can bring up the amount of shear disgust that I currently have and kudos to Nova for bringing that on.

In recent years we have won the battle and even in the mid to early 2000’s we went back and forth but still felt we had the edge most years.

Regardless of all that BS, it really doesn’t matter in terms of tonight’s game. Two very skilled teams will walk out on that field…the team that cannot take as many punches as the other team will win, simple as that.

Nova has the new Will Manney in Kluh and of course IL is slobbing all over his knob. Typical stuff there but from what I have seen he’s a nice little Rudy type of player, 5 foot nothing, 100 and nothing, blah blah blah…whatever he is, from what I saw last week our defense has the skills, if it wants to, to match up with every team or player in the country. It all takes focus…it all takes heart…it takes all 60 minutes of everything you got to beat a cross town rival in freezing cold February. As I have said on every post…this game hinges on the Defense. Not going to change anytime soon.

Look out for updates from the Unit on twitter @WPFlacrosse. I heard their box coach keeps it super tight over there at Nova ;)

Cheers Mates, let’s get this done team