Meet A Freshy

Meet A Freshy

WPF and Rodger Lodge-yourself Publications is proud to bring you our very first "Meet a Freshy" with Henry Buonagurio a goalie from Duxbury, Mass. We asked "The Big Piece" Mark Manos to pick our very first interview and Henry is who he picked. I think it's safe to say Mark see's something in this keeper already. Enjoy!


Henry! First off welcome to the Drexel Lacrosse Family!

What was the most important part of your college decision making process in coming to Drexel?

The biggest selling point for me to come to Drexel was the coaches and the lacrosse atmosphere. All of the coaches especially coach Collins really impressed me with how they run this program.

So now you have been on campus for a week or so...what do you think of the atmosphere so far? Has there been any highlights to your stay? 

The atmosphere here is great it a very tight knit community, the biggest highlight of my stay so far is all of the great food choices here at Drexel, I am by no means limited to eating at the cafeteria everyday, like at most other universities.  

What dorm are you staying in and who is your roommate?

I am staying at Calhoun, with Mike McGregor

How is the process of adjusting to life down here in West Philly from Mass?

It has been a big change from growing up in small suburb of Massachusetts to living in such a large city. It has been a very smooth transition for me though

You started fall ball this week, how is it going so far?

It is going real well, it has been a lot of hard work, and a major lack of sleep though.

How tough has Coach V been with the conditioning up to this point? 

Conditioning has not been anything that I am not used to from playing lacrosse and football my whole life.

What is it like to have a true goalie coach on the field for Drexel in Coach Collins? 

Incredible, its awesome to be taught from a coach who has as much experience at the goalie position as Coach Collins. He teaches from his own experience playing goalie. 

What is it like to have someone like Coach Manos teaching you on a daily basis?

Just fantastic, Mark, being the best goalie to ever come through Drexel, can pass all of his knowledge down to the younger guys. He knows exactly what the other coaches expect from their goalies, and no one knows exactly what to do in every situation better then Mark.

What do you think of the level of play and the transition from Duxbury/Laxachussets high school ball?

It is definitely a huge leap in both responsibility, and game speed. I personally need to adjust to major jump in the speed of the game, at the D1 level.

We know that you have only been here for a short time and practicing even shorter, but what are your goals for your freshman campaign on the team?

To get better everyday. To lead the defensive unit, to become a leader of the team, and most importantly, eventually become a starter for the Drexel Dragons.

Thank you Henry and a huge WELCOME from the contingent at WPF and alumni across the world!

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