Meet the Freshman - #44 Frank Fusco

Meet the Freshman - #44 Frank Fusco

West Philly’s Finest brings you the first of many in our attempt to introduce the Freshmen on the squad to the fans.  #44 Frank Fusco from the legendary Yorktown program in NY was nice enough to get back to us and provide us some insight on the upcoming season.  This interview is dedicated to the Y-Town hammers of yester-year whose footsteps Frank is following in: Jacko, Lodie, Fish & Yoni


WPF: Welcome to Drexel, Frank. Philly is quite a different setting from your hometown, how are you adjusting?

#44: It’s different in the way that it’s more of a city. Back home it’s a decent size town but pretty spread out.  I’ve adjusted well to the city feel & I have really begun to enjoy it.

WPF: How have the practices been in 2013?  

#44: Practice has been great. Everyone has been working real hard from top to bottom.  The guy next to you is always pushing you that much harder to be better today than you were yesterday.

WPF: With some recent injuries on the offensive side of the ball, it looks like there are going to be some young guys fighting for significant time. Are you looking forward to being able to contribute right away?

#44: I couldn’t be more amped for the opportunity. If I am what the coaches feel is best for the team then I will be out there representing our injured brother in the best possibly way. 

WPF: What are some of the team goals for 2013?

#44: First, we would like to be one of the top teams in our conference as well as win the CAA championship.  Of course the ultimate goal for us is to be playing Memorial Day Weekend in Philly ending our season with a win.

WPF: Personal goals?

#44: My personal goals are to help my team win as many games as we can.  I would also like to be one of our top threats on the offensive side of the ball while working with in our plan as a unit.

WPF: Did you attend any of the battles between Drexel and Albany that were held at Yorktown High in the mid-2000s?

#44: No, I haven’t heard much about them but playing against them now is going to be a little weird for me because I use to play for Dave Marr in high school.  Now I will be playing against his older brother, Scott Marr, who is the head coach at Albany. 

WPF: Were you able to take in any games at Vidas Field during your recruiting process?  If so,your thoughts?

#44: Yes, I was here for the Notre Dame game last year and the atmosphere was awesome from the stands. I can only imagine what it will be like to be out on the field.

WPF: Favorite part about Drexel’s campus?

#44: I just love the business of it.  Everything is very up beat. 

WPF: Favorite “Philly” food – Cheesesteaks, soft pretzels or tastytakes?

#44: I love my steaks more than anything.


Frank Fusco, everybody.  Kid loves his steaks, can’t wait to see #44 in action this weekend at Penn Park.  The Dragons take on Rutgers at noon and the Maryland Terps at 2pm in what should be a great day of lacrosse.  Don’t worry out of towners, @WPFLACROSSE will be holding court & tweeting scores.  Get at me.