Lodge - Tebow moment

Lodge - Tebow moment


Good afternoon WPF

It’s obvious that a Lodge blog was well over due, so here goes nothing.

The Dragons took it straight in the shoot last weekend. They really did. Well guess what? You win some and you should never lose any. How bout them apples? Huh?

WPF is a place of perfection and perfection is demanded…simple as that. We tailgate perfectly. All of our well aimed verbal assaults are like a heat seeking missile to the back of the opposing goalie and most likely the rest of the team as well. We bring the heat in the parking lot, on the hill, and straight into the bar when we are done.

This email is a call to arms for this Dragons lacrosse team. You literally have a top 5 offense in the country. There is no if, ands, or but’s about that. There is one small caveat, you have to step on the field ready to play. This 2013 Drexel Dragons lacrosse team is the most talented team Drexel has ever put on the field, the question is, what do you do with it? Do you roll up to state college and get boat raced right out of town, or do you come back stronger than ever and beat the living piss out of the rest of the CAA, and move on to the CAA Tournament?

How about this team? You consider this your Tebow moment and consider me Tim effing Tebow. From here on out, I want to see the effort that you guys know you have in you, for every single minute on the field.

This needed to be said…not sorry.

Pissed off and ready to beat some massholes,

With hate

Rodger Lodge, your most impressive alumni ever