Lodge - Robert Morris

Lodge - Robert Morris


Happy Friday Lax Fiends,

Alright so let’s talk about this team for one second…Two solid come from behind wins and loss to a solid UVA team with no Cockerton, good name right? Regardless, I think the squad is exactly where they are expected to be and deserve to be. I want to hesitantly congratulate them, but let’s be real a win over the purple people eaters and the soft serve west on 30 are expected at this point in the game.

Here’s where we go from here, one game at a time, one win at a time. You better believe these games must be wins. Forget learning from your mistakes early in the season. This team doesn’t need that ish, they are an experienced group of scorers and have shown it in every game so far.

The focus right now is on Robert Morris. Guys, I’m going to be honest, I got nothing. I don’t even have the material or depth to try and start stirring stuff up on Bobby Mo. I mean it’s Pittsburgh, seriously, the red headed step child of Philadelphia. It ain’t even close and ain’t even worth my time. I wouldn’t go to Pittsburgh if you paid me in pure gold bricks. I feel bad for our team really. This is by far the worst road trip out of any…so what do you do with that, you promptly stomp their face into the ground from the first whistle and win this thing in a rout going away.

It should be clear that this doesn’t just happen. You don’t just say you’re going to stomp a team into the ground and then it happens…you actually have to believe that you are going to do it and then go out and actually do it. If I were with the Boys right now I would be telling them that this game is the quintessential let down game at Drexel. On the road, place sucks more than Albany, we think we’re the bee’s knee’s, and the bam Bobby Mo is up 7-1 and your fighting an up hill battle. This team is plenty good enough to beat this Drexel team that we have seen in the 1st quarter…but they are not good enough to beat the Drexel team we have seen in the second half.


Lodge, out