Lodge is back for the Dutchmen

Lodge is back for the Dutchmen

Long time Ladies and Gents,

I kind of purposely took a few games off…more like a bunch…because I thought I might be bad luck after the shit show of a loss to the Villanova. As the Lodge posts have gone for the better part of the last 3 years, I simply rip on all of the stereotypes of each team and then I’m about done from there. This year I felt I needed to continue with an opinion piece but make the writing more meaningful in terms of the actual game that will be played on the field. Comon' now folks, we know Delaware is a bunch of state school goons with half a brain cell combined, that Umass is a bunch of massholes who bring their lacrosse sticks to fights, that Nova is the biggest bunch of stuck up, nose in the air…the hate is rising and I’ll get back to the topic at hand.

Hofstra. Hofstra was once the crown jewel of the CAA. They were ranked top 10, they got top ranked talent out of high school, and quite simply they were very, very good. The past couple of years have been somewhat of a disgrace for the program from a historical standpoint. Now don’t get me wrong Drexel does not have any CAA championships or Tournament appearances and Hofstra does…fine, fine, fine understood. But honestly Hofstra has been beaten by their LI neighbor St. John’s, 2 years in a row now, Hofstra DID NOT make the CAA tournament last year, and just overall lackluster. If I were an alum I would be kind of upset about the state of the program. Just pointing out the obvious here Hofstra and by point out, I mean we are basking in your inability to even win the LI battle ground wars or get into your conference tournament. My how the mighty have fallen.

Having rubbed plenty of salt in that wound, let’s move on to the play on the field. No clue about Hofstra personnel. They lost that idiot sorichetti (77 – no clue how to spell his name) who was the best turnover machine I have ever witnessed. I know they have some significant injuries…they probably have names like Vinny and Johnny and Mikey, typical flids, but again I’m not as up on the squad as I could be. If I’m being 100% honest, this game is probably pretty evenly matched but from the sounds of it, Hofstra’s d cannot make stops. Drexel has the ability to pull defenses like that apart but which Drexel offense will we see….up to them…

This is a must win game for either team…CAA is the way into the tournament for both teams as it sits right now. Dragons aren’t going to run the table from here on out (this is me playing reverse psychology and really hoping they do) so they need to pile up the CAA wins as that conference season begins. Every game is do or die with this conference. Hofstra has no shot at an at-large with their inconsistent play this year but they are very good and they are coming into 43rd and powelton with their bad accents and hero sandwiches. I’ll put my money on the boys from the projects in a gritty effort.

Oh yeah did I mention how much I hate Hofstra, with every ounce of my being. I truly do. I posted the parking lot picture from a few years back to remind everyone that a lot of the WPF crew in that picture were on the first Drexel team to EVER beat Hofstra. This program was built on wins like that and the only way to solidify our program in the ranks of the entire nation, is by continuing to move this program forward one hard fought win at a time. Drexel has and always will be a team with a chip on their shoulder. It's engrained in you everyday you step foot on the field at Vidas during your career.