Lodge Albany

Lodge Albany


Happy Thirsty Thursday West Philly’s Finest,

As I crack my 24 ounce can of Dos Equis Amber while I sit on the white sand beaches of the central coast of Mexico, I find myself laughing at all of you in the Northeast. If you haven’t noticed I like to rub in the fact that I’m a boss and simply do what I want. Move in and out of countries, women, and responsibilities. Just picture the American version of that epic bro on the Dos Equis commercials but younger and less grey.

The great thing about today is that I am off my Jameson and ice diet/bender that I have been on since the OT loss to the VA-boys. Heart break city…I think we can all agree on that. I literally threw my butler’s head straight through the TV and went on to come in and out of consciousness for 4 full days until this morning due to the severity of the loss and my lax 4 life issues.

I can now proudly announce that I am ready to move on…so thank you for your patience.

On to Albany and our very first home game at 43rd and Powelton. This Dragon team is very, very good. I think the last two Dragons teams have also been very good, but I think the infusion of a ton of new talent across all positions could make this an all-timer. Could….being the key word. The offense is firing. Canucks just streaking down the alleys and burying goals and the feeds are right on the money. Our guys that we are going to rely on to put points on the board, put points on the board, and if that continues this team is going to be scary. Defense let up double digits, so let’s not get crazy just yet. Although the amount of goals last week is above what you would normally want, there were some flashes of brilliance down at that end of the field. Let’s just make sure we don’t fall for any witchcraft this weekend with our opponent, these dude’s throw fakes for days. I wouldn’t even be surprise if they used their pony tails as weapons. And for the record I don’t talk about Goalies during a game week. Goalies are about as crazy as my first and second wife and I don’t talk about them at all, so let’s just leave it at that.

Alright to finish my semi-coherent ramblings on this week…Albany sucks. Literally that city sucks. Awful place to be from, reside in, and most definitely go to school. Yo Albany, go talk to your sister-in-law Harrisburg and tell them how awesome it is to be state capital. Is that what you’re hanging your hat on? I hung out in Albany one time….ha yeah right, good joke huh? I’m surprised Albany just doesn’t play all of their games on the road. I sure would, because any chance to get out of that god forsaken place I would take it. And of course, my go to…who the hell wears purple and takes themselves seriously?

Get a Win boys

I’m parched,