Know Your Enemy - UAlbany

Know Your Enemy - UAlbany

Mike Avato breaks down the X's & O's of Saturday's matchup against the squad that beat the pulp outta the Orange last weekend in the Carrier Dome, UAlbany.


Know Your Enemy- UAlbany Retriever’s

Not one of us thought that this weekend’s match up with the now 16th ranked Albany Retriever’s was going to be a walk in the park. What we didn’t think is that they would be riding high coming off of a huge upset victory at the Carrier Dome, home of the Syracuse Orangemen. What we also didn’t know (but all believed possible) is that our Dragon’s would be coming off an OT defeat where less than an inch could have us at 1-0 on the year. I won’t recap, but last weekend’s game was awesome, regardless of outcome. We proved a lot to the lacrosse world and to ourselves. Hopefully the boys keep this thing running hot into the weekend, because frankly, we’re gonna need it.

Albany (1-0) comes into The Illadel this weekend with one message a la the Lombardi Packers: Here’s what we’re going to do, and now that you know that, try to stop us anyways. What this translates to is simple: Here is the Thompson family, try to stop ‘em. I don’t want to toot anyone’s horn here, but Lyle Thompson, coming off of an 8 point performance (2g, 6a) is likely the best lacrosse player we will face all season. The scary part is that his brother, Miles (3g, 2a), and cousin, Ty (5g), may be in the top 20 of that category as well. Separate these three? I’m sure they’d all start most places. That’s not the point; it’s not just 3 good players. It is 3 family members that have a significant knack in finding each other on the field and finishing. That’s pretty much it for the offense. I don’t care about anyone else. Stop these 3 and win the game.

Albany’s defense is anchored around freshmen goaltender, Blaze Riorden. Notably one of the best lacrosse names to ever grace a printed roster, Just Blaze is looking like the real deal. I expect a lot of banter headed his direction from the WPF faithful up on the hill this weekend (his Mom will be very disappointed in her son’s performance). Blaze was ranked  as the No.9 goalie recruit heading into Albany this year, regardless of whether your boy looks as though he should lay off the Funyun’s and Ben & Jerry’s. Be prepared to see this kid out of the cage a larger version of Queener. The guys out in front of the net are hoping to have a better showing than 2012 where the unit was 58th in GAA (goals against avg). The starting close defense consists of senior Jack Nickla and juniors Cody Futia (2nd Team All-Conference) and Jon Newhouse.

A question mark for the Retriever’s is at the faceoff x. Kevin Glueckert took all but one draw on Saturday, going 15/34 for 44%. He will attempt to bring Albany back from a collective 43.9% effort in 2012 after going 1 out of 6 on the season and only appearing in 3 games. Look for the combo of DT and Saputo to take the reign’s and give us a needed ball control advantage.

Big weekend for the Dragon’s to knock off the very early American East favorite and get back to .500. Let’s get it done fellas.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.



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