Know Your Enemy: Towson

Know Your Enemy: Towson


Know your Enemy – The Maryland State Teachers College at Towson


The Todd here, hoping to get everyone informed on the Dragons CAA finale opponent, the Towson Tigers. Being a native of Maryland, this is an opponent all too familiar with the Todd. I have far too many connections to Towson to list. 4 years out of school and I still know clowns on their roster.


Two weeks of tough let downs for the Dragons. The season seems to be one of “what ifs”, yet with one game left in conference play, we still control our destiny. The implications of this game are huge. A win and we solidify a spot in the conference tourney. A loss and we leave it in the hands of others.


Towson comes into the game 7-5 and 2-2 in CAAs. No real quality wins for these tigers, other than a one goal win over UMBC (basically one of Towson’s inbred siblings down the road).  A new regime has taken over, Tony the Pony has been de-throned for long time assistant Shawn Nadelen. With the Seaman finally forced to go skeeze on co-eds elsewhere and finally get off the peoples republic of Maryland payroll, it is different Towson than past years. Coach Nads is trying to get away from the traditional Towson culture which is of course based solely upon douche baggery (please ref. the lodges favorite non pornographic website ). Coach Nads has a long road of ahead of him, due to the fact that Tony the Pony has made a career out of being a cancer to programs.


On paper these tigers aren’t that impressive, they have about 5 guys that have #’s that can be considered contributing. They have had far bigger goal differentials to our common opponents. But anyone who has played in this game knows it’s not about that when we get into a late season CAA match up with the Towson Tigers. It’s about two very different cultures fighting for what they stand for, and it doesn’t get any more contrasting in cultural sense. I can spit percentages and numbers but at the end of the day this a gut check for this group of Dragons.


The icing on the cake for this particular Towson match-up is my where-abouts for the game. As a full time prophet spreading the gospel of lax, I am currently living in the great state of Minnesota …..dont chyaknow. However, a save the date appeared at the Todd’s doorstep in the great city of Naptown. April 21st 2012 a certain #5 who played for Towson from 2004-2008 is getting married. So unfortunately I can not be attendance to this game, but will be anxiously watching a former Tiger get married while hoping I can interrupt the best mans speech to bring news of a Dragon beat down. Only 20 miles away in Naptown I will decked out in blue and gold, following our great WPF’s score updates. Last year Rodger Lodge celebrated his 5th marriage during Drexel’s matchup with  the Tigers. This year let’s hope karma pays our old pal #5 back with a Towson loss on the day of his marriage……