Know Your Enemy - Albany

Know Your Enemy - Albany

Tomorrow, two very skilled teams will face off in Albany, NY after each taking heartbreaking losses to perennial NCAA powerhouse’s. The Dragons (0-1) fell to No 9 UVA on their home field on a late 4th quarter goal and the No 10 UAlbany Great Danes fell in an OT shootout to No 1 Syracuse in the Carrier Dome. With that not being enough fuel, these two teams are meeting in 2014 after one of the most exciting and entertaining games of the 2013 NCAA season, where Drexel edged Albany 20-19 in West Philly last spring. I would expect a similar level of intensity as both teams are hungry for their first W on the season, and Albany will certainly be looking for redemption.

Thompson. Thompson. Thompson. This is it. This is the best Attack unit in the game led by what I heard the other day “Lyle Thompson could go down as the best offensive player in the history of NCAA lacrosse.” I don’t doubt that statement. The Thompson family accounted for 7g, 7a on Saturday against Syracuse. Ty Thompson had 5 g, Lyle Thompson had 1g, 5a, and Miles Thompson had 1g, 2a. If that isn’t enough, these were some of the smoothest, silkiest assists I’ve seen. Lyle had 3 one handed assists, there were 2 BTB goals, box fakes, you name it. Miles is basically automatic with the ball in his stick with a decent angle. I’d hate to discredit the rest of the Albany offense because they have a few returners and a couple of young bucks that can play ball, but limiting the Thompson trio is going to keep the Dragon defense plenty busy.

As for the defense, it doesn’t look like much has changed. They look average, but then again it was Syracuse. Led by returning starter Blaze Riorden (11 saves), the retrievers best defense is having an offense that few teams in the country are going to be able to keep up with. The close D is led by returning starters Jon Newhouse (1st Team All America East) and Cody Futia (2 Time 2nd Team All America East), who look like a couple of lumberjacks out there. The LSM is Eric Cantor, a tall, rangy pole with some serious flow. Albany went 12/26 at the face-off x, so expect Nick Saputo to have a day.

The boys will certainly have their hands full, but as long as we can score, I think we can come out with a huge W on enemy turf.

Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.