Heating up!

Heating up!


Heating up!


Good morning All,


I know, I know, where have I been? Well to be honest, I am sitting next to Vern Lundquist right now at Augusta with my Green Jacket on. I’m usually an honorary member annually down there in Georgia!

Unfortunately I will not be in town for today’s game on this holiday weekend but I wanted to check in before I go yell “mashed potatoes” at Tiger all day today. Might even throw a hot dog at him.


The Dragons, as they say on NBA Jam, are heating up! The last two games have been great victories for the team’s record and confidence. Beating the Dutchmen is like stealing the hot chick from the jabroni meathead at prom. Beating the Hens in Newark, although hard to do, is a huge feat for the program after the past few years! The Dragons have put themselves in a tremendous position for their proposed CAA championship run.


Today is a monstrous match up for both teams. PSU has beaten SJU, but lost to Umass in the CAA. They come off a convincing victory to the Sillycats this week and have some really nice wins on the roster. Only problem with PSU is that the Dragons have had a week to prepare for them and straight breathing hot fire right now.


PSU’s goalie wears a hair band around, no joke, I have seen it. He’s got some Joakim Noah hair going on and he thinks he’s the best keeper in the country. In my opinion, we already saw the best keeper in the country at Vidas in Kemp from ND and this kid from PSU doesn’t have anything on him. He jumps around like a lunatic in net and their defense finds strength through him. Last time he came into town he crumbled and limped back to PSU with a loss on his head. Let’s make him feel that heat again and he will drop a bunch to our snipers!


PSU, man, don’t even get me started on that University and their administration. What a mess? I won’t even go into detail but PSU and their nose up in the air aura will get smacked down to earth today at Vidas. That’s just the way it goes coming into West Philly.


Talk soon friends