Headed for a Showdown

Headed for a Showdown

Good morning Fellas

Well it’s been almost 7 full days since the heartbreaking loss to the Cavaliers at home. Great news though…we have Drexel Lacrosse action today in game two of the 2014 season. The Dragons take on the Albany Great Danes at 1:00pm today and can be webcast here: http://www.americaeast.com//mediaPortal/player.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=14000&id=1096387&catid=0 I’m guessing that may not work directly as a link but I’ll do what I can. If you can’t simply click the link than don’t be a lazy asshole and complain, simply copy and paste like we used to do back in the day.

Anyway, your boy and my fellow Dragon blogger MAvato put up all the information you need to know last night in “Know your enemy”.

I’ll simply riff here on the Drexel/Albany history…This game has always been an incredible matchup for the two programs. Back and forth year to year and honestly both schools are very similar in regards to how their lacrosse programs have progressed through the years…unfortunately Albany has been to the tournament a few years in their history and we have not…sorry to state the obvious and get everyone down in the dumps but that’s the clear difference between the teams in the 2000’s.

Last year’s game against Albany was played at home and was arguably one of the most exciting Drexel games I have ever seen as a spectator. I think the final was 20-19 with Drexel being down something like 9 at halftime. The second half was one of those stat-lines that was simply shocking from a defensive standpoint but proved to be an all-out shootout. If you remember correctly their goalie is a complete cake eater, Blaze Riorden or something. Besides talking smack directly to the WPF crew going into halftime and then getting completely lit up in the second half, he actually tried to fight the whole WPF crew after their loss on Vidas. Hilarious because in his last two years he probably has one of the worst save percentages in the game since they give up about 16-20 goals a game. Anyway, I think you can tell that I don’t like him and know that he’s swiss cheese in goal.

The one thing I will compliment Albany and Coach Marr on is their ability to implement a freelance offense each year. For the record, Drexel is very much the same way now under Coach Ford on Offense (Early 2000’s were not like that), but I have always envied Marr in sticking to the true freelance game of lacrosse on offense and trusting in his players to play the game as it was intended.

Albany is a shoot first, ask questions after the season sort of team. The amount of turnovers they have in a game is downright ridiculous but then so is the amount of goals that they score. They don’t care if they fed the crease 8 times in a row and it didn’t work, they are coming back for the 9th, 10th, 20th time. That’s just how they roll. The Thompson brothers will back in and dodge through triple teams….you have to put them on their butt, you have to slide hard, and you have to bring the same amount of resolve that those kids have with the ball in your stick. Let’s be real, and I am offender number 1, these kids are going to go down in history. Last year the numbers were historic for single season stats and it’s going to be the same way this year. They are special players and personally I think the only way to play them is bringing more focus than they do. Whoever is covering all 3…you cannot take a play off, literally. They do whatever they want whenever they want. 60 yard passes through 6 sticks…they don’t care, BUT I am sure Collins and Voelks have our guys teed up for that.

It’s going to be a wild freaking game…it goes without saying, we need a win. I know from experience it is fun as heck winning up there. The drive sucks, the city sucks, but when you come home with a win from the Purple and Yellow it’s a great feeling. Let’s get it men.