Happy New Year from Lodge!

Happy New Year from Lodge!

Happy New Year DU Lax Alumni

It’s been a heck of a bender since Thanksgiving but I’m beginning to start to think clearly after sitting in a hyperbaric chamber for the last week and a half. Comon guys, let’s be real, everyone, yes even the Lodge, needs to rest his body once a while from this party that is Life.

Without further ado I want to wish all of you much success in this New Year and to all of the other CAA current/alumni across this world a ton of misfortune!

I have just gotten news that Drexel is scheduled to scrimmage Penn and Maryland on Feb 1 at Penn and then UMBC will come into town on Feb 8th for a scrimmage at Drexel. The first test on Feb 1 will be unreal…Maryland is paying players anymore and they are effing insane in terms of depth. Penn is all hyped up by the assholes at Inside Lacrosse to have a good year, so I am very happy with this play day. UMBC sucks…that is all.

A lot of the Lodge posts this year will be informative in nature in hopes that everyone really tries to make an effort to come to games…simple as that.

Our base at WPF last year grew from 35 to 75 donors! Are you freaking kidding me?!? That’s monstrous guys and honestly it’s just a huge marker for us as an alumni group. As important as the money donated is, it really comes down to the amount of donations in my eyes. 75 people took the time last year to give back to the program that they came from and that’s saying something about the pride we all feel in this Lacrosse Program!

In all seriousness, go have a drink it’s 10am on a Thursday and well, why the hell not? Bottoms up brothers

Yours most truly and with coldest regards

Rodger Lodge, the host of Blind Date

PS…why did I put Bateman as the blog picture? Well because I’m out for f*cking blood this year