Freshman Interview - #20 Jordan Cunningham

Freshman Interview - #20 Jordan Cunningham

Continuing with our plan to get all the DU faithful familiar with the boys who'll be suiting up in blue & gold for the next four years, we bring you #20 Jordan Cunningham from British Columbia.  UVA is 2 days away....



Jordan Cunningham – #20

WPF:  Welcome to Drexel, Philly is quite a different setting from your hometown – how are you adjusting?

#20: I am adjusting well, it took some time at first, but I am starting to settle into things now.

WPF: How have the practices been in 2013?

#20: Practices have been going well.  Everyone is working hard to get ready for Virginia on 2/16.

WPF:  With some recent injuries on the offensive side of the ball, it looks like there are going to be some young guys fighting for significant time. Are you looking forward to being able to contribute right away?

#20: I can’t wait to be able to get on the field and help out the boys as much as possible.

WPF:  What are some of the team goals for 2013?

#20:  As a team I think we can all agree our first goal is to win the CAAs.  Then we want to continue that momentum into the tournament.

WPF:  Personal goals?

#20:  To be an impact player on both ends of the field and help the boys out as much as possible over the next 4 years.

WPF: How does playing box back in Canada help you sharpen your skills for the outdoor game?

#20: Helps a lot with seeing the entire field, the box is a lot smaller than out on the field and there is a lot more space play. It’s also nice to play with the other Canadians on the team, to be able to implement some of the box game onto the field with them and catch some of the D guys off guard.

WPFWere you able to take in any games at Vidas Field during your recruiting process?  If so, thoughts?

20:  I didn’t get to see any games on my visit but I was able to watch a practice, the practice seemed intense but fun at the same time.

WPFFavorite part about Drexel’s campus?

20:  It’s close to the city so it doesn’t feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere and there is a lot of things to do.

WPFFavorite “Philly” food – Cheesesteaks, soft pretzels or tastytakes?

#20:  Philly cheese steak, I practically live off them.


Thanks for answering out questions, Jordan.  Good luck this Saturday down in Charlottesville, boys.  Let’s take it to them and get that first W of the season.  Thanks to all who came out to Baby Blue's BBQ last night for the Coaches Kickoff event.  Apparently a lot of meat was eaten by the steaks in attendance.  Call up a buddy, purchase the event from UVA's website & have a viewing party as the boys are goin' hunting down in Ole' Virginny@WPFLACROSSE will be amplified to no end so stay tuned...Lodge will be unsheating his first manifesto of 2013.