Drexel Dragons 2012 Game Day Gear

Drexel Dragons 2012 Game Day Gear


The Drexel Dragons set fire to the Gear Zone with their 2012 Game Day Gear. Under the guidance of Coach Brian Voelker, the Philly based Dragons came into the season ranked 17th by IL's Face-Off Yearbook. On paper the Dragons are 1-3 to start the season but ask highly seeded Virginia, Villanova and Notre Dame and they will tell you Drexel is much better than their current record. 

Check out the images below, and then head over to The Lacrosse Forums and into the College Gear Megathread to discuss the NCAA gear we've featured so far this season. Additionally, you can click here to see all of the 2012 NCAA gear we've had in the Gear Zone,Drexel is covered literally head to stick to toe in Warrior and a hint of Brine. Custom TII Helmets with chrome mask, logo embroidered Regulator gloves, King III and Triumph armpads, Warrior made tackle twill uniforms, Warrior sticks, and Burn 5.0 cleats.


Mark Manos's Warrior TII Goalie lid



Front of Drexel's Warrior made home uniform



Back of Drexel's Warrior uni's



Drexel TII in action



Warrior Regulator glove custom Drexel



Custom Regulator's in action



Brine King III Arm guards



Brine Triumph Arm guards



Warrior burn 5.0  low cleats in red/white



Burn 5.0's mid



Lookin' fly



Drexel shooter shirt



Drexel Dragon sublimated logo on shooter shirt



Red Warrior Evo head on kryptopro shaft



Manos looking for the kick save



A weyr of Dragons...yes I looked up what a group of Dragons were called.