The day we have all been waiting for...

The day we have all been waiting for...

Happy Hump Day Fellas

Well it looks like the day is almost here. The day we have all waited for since the end of last season. A day that could be one for the ages ….a chance at beating UVA at home for the first time ever.

We have been playing UVA for how many years now? How many times have we been close to winning at home now? Too many is my unhumble (not a word) opinion. The time is now to beat these clowns from Charlottesville who come into West Philadelphia and laugh at Drexel. They look at Drexel like a nice little test in the beginning of the season and they move on with a close win and get better from it. You think I am kidding? I guarantee you that is their exact thought process coming in here Saturday, you can count on that and why shouldn’t they? WE HAVE NOT BEATEN THEM ONCE AT HOME. It’s time to punch them in the mouth for 60 minutes…rather then 45-50 minutes and then let UVA get their runs and beat us by 2 or 3. I’m sick and tired of these kids with good sticks and no heart coming in to 43rd and Powelton and simply being able to sneak out of here because we make a few mistakes. This Drexel team needs to come into this game with a focus and killer instinct that UVA cannot match. That’s how you beat up on an undersized UVA team that has absolutely no shot in the ACC. Let’s be real this UVA team will most likely not make the ncaa’s and/or be ranked for most of the year depending…but for Drexel that doesn’t matter. UVA continues to come in here every other year and walk out of our field with a win. It stops right now.

I am very happy to hear the reports from UMBC last week in regards to a big step in the right direction defensively. This Defense as a whole will be the key to winning games…the offense is going to score and score a lot…can the D step up and make stops…it’s your time men.

Now that I got all of that stuff out of the way, it’s going to be a freaking party down there guys. If you got a shot at making it down you better be there. We have a keg of Philly Pale Ale from Yards….kiddin’meeeee?!? Seriously. Everyone needs to make it down, it’s going to be a heck of a day. Bring your voices, bring your thirst, and bring your passion for one of the greatest things we have all been a part of in our lives, Drexel lacrosse.

See you there men