Closing the Book on Villanova

Closing the Book on Villanova

Brundo breaks down the boys win against the Wildcats on a rainy Tuesday night in West Philly



If you like exciting lacrosse, it’s time to start coming out to some Drexel Lacrosse games.  The start to this season has been straight ridiculous and the fans that braved the elements last night in West Philly were treated to another gem of a win.  The Dragons staged a second half comeback to beat their cross town rivals 12-10 all while improving their early season record to 2-1.  Beating Villa-no-fun can make any season as the passion for beating them rivals that of any CAA team.  But doing it in the comeback fashion that the boys did last night makes it that much better. 


The team came out flat again, and certainly didn’t play at the overall level that we saw against the Cav’s and the second half of the Danes, but the boys fought through some bad weather and another slow start to notch an important win over a year in and year out rival.  We’re almost half way through the non-conference schedule, and while the team has moved to focusing on their road trip to Pittsburgh for a Saturday afternoon showdown against Robert Morris, let’s take one last look at this one before we close the book Nova.


The Sunny


Second Half Play


If you’re going to be a one half team, you better make sure you’re a second half team.  Not sure what the boys drink at half time, or what Coach Voelker has to say, but this squad has come out of the halftime locker room in all three games this season with the eye of the tiger.  Once again last night, it was the offense that took the lead and the other phases of the team stepped up where needed to get the job done.  Not sure what needs to happen to become a two half team, but I bet the coaches and players are searching for the answers right now. 


The Offense


As discussed throughout the fall and preseason, the defense was gutted by the departure of so many key players, including the 4 year starting goalie, and the O was probably going to need to carry the load while Coach Voelker and Coach Collins worked with the new group to find a groove.  The offense this season has done that and more.  The dynamic 6 man scoring machine of Prosser, Belka, McIntosh, Trizano, Fusco and Church have lit up the score board to the tune of 15 goals per game.  While that is pretty much unheard of for a Dragon team, what’s more impressive is the 25 points per game they’re putting up, which means every one of those guys is looking for each other and the absolute best shot they can get.  Great start boys, keep it up.


Diaper Dandy’s


You guys keep killing it and we’ll keep talking about you.  Will Gabrielson is calm, cool and collected; and in the 4th quarter of another close game, he really stepped up to make some more big saves.  Through 3 games he has had 15, 18 and 12 saves.  And he can clear the ball too.  Frankie Fusco is a gamer.  With the Dragons down by 1 with fewer than 5 to play he finally had the ball in his stick with a shorty on him.  Taking his guy to X, the Nova short stick was not going to let the lefty get to his strong hand, so he puts the kid on his heels and breaks up the right hand side of the goal with one hand on his stick and rips a no look upper 90 shot just as he passes goal line extended.  It was the kind of goal that would have been played 100 times if Rob Pannell did it on a ESPNU game, but for the Dragons and their faithful it was just another sign of the growing potential this kid has.


Timely Plays


While they didn’t have their best games, the face off guys and the D had their late game moments.  After getting straight worked for the first 3 quarters, Saputo got down to business and won 4-6 draws in the 4th quarter, including the draw to set up Fusco’s goal after Belka brought the team to within one. Similarly, after letting up 9 goals though the first 3, the D clamped down and kept the Nova offense outside the entire 4th quarter.  Although Nova may have lacked the talent of the first 2 offenses this team played, but they had nothing down the stretch, and the D group that is surely looking for something to build on had their moment by staying sound and causing turnovers when the opportunity was there.


The Time Slot


While this game over the last few years has typically been played at the 4pm time slot, someone flicked the light switch in West Philly and decided to play the game under the lights.  Even the rain couldn’t deter what was easily the biggest crowd for this early season grudge match, here’s hoping for more of these 7pm weekday starts in the future.


The Dark


The Start


Again, not good.  Needs to change.


The Face-offs


When you don’t win a single draw until the 4th quarter that’s a bad day at the office.  This isn’t to single out Nick and Deven either as that’s a full unit poor effort.  As discussed above, the wins happened when they really needed it, but for a unit that had a pretty good couple games to start, that’s a step backwards.




The Dragons lead the CAA in scoring (top 5 in the country as well) and also lead the conference in turnovers.  Here’s to taking care of the ball.


Ground Balls


Um, guys.  You just let those …….. little boys from the main line come into West Philly and out ground ball you by 16!  That’s on the heels of a pretty soft 1st half against Albany.  Awesome start to the season for sure, but CAA games will be won and lost with a fight for every play and every GB.  Times yours.



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Apparently Hank Fraley donated a boatload of money to Bobby Momo and they will be airing the game live for all the West Philly faithful (Drexel needs to step its game up and get a live feed at Vidas 5 years ago…).  So check out the boys take on the Colonials at 1:00pmYouse vs YinzGonna be another shootout @WPFLACROSSE