Closing the Book on UMass

Closing the Book on UMass



For those of you who follow what we’re doing over here at WPF you may be wondering why we didn’t close the book on Penn State.  Well, it’s because we haven’t closed the book on Penn State ……….

We do however get to close the book on UMass, and this is a nice one to close.  The boys lost to an extremely strong UMass team twice last season, including a little bit of a beat down in the CAA championship game, so the motivation to go up to New England and take down the Minutemen was high.  More than that was the fact that they HAD to go at least 1-1 on this 2 week road trip to keep all of the postseason hopes alive.  So the boys went and did what they’ve done most of the season; won a thrilling 1 goal game as they continue to capture the imagination of this fan base 15-14.

So what if UMass had been struggling this season, this is an experienced team with major fire power, and the Dragons stood toe to toe as these two offenses slugged it out to the bitter end.  Bitter for UMass indeed as the Dragons were able to enjoy the long ride home while their opponents were left to try and figure out what happened this season.  Lots to discuss here, so lets close the book on Penn State

The Sunny

Ben McIntosh – My lord what a season this kid is having, he now has 44 points with 30 goals after his 5,1 performance this weekend.  The CAA just announced he’s the player of the week, which was a layup pick for that committee.  Observers noted that on one goal he beat 2 slides and literally walked through the UMass defense.

Triz and FuscoTrizano and Fusco are similar players in that they have a ton of swagger and when things are going good they can really feed of their confidence.  This was a game where that was on full display.  Both guys went off big with a hat trick each and the swagger was at an all time high.  Can’t wait to feed off their energy against Towson.

Chris Frederick – Who?  Yeah, Chris is a Drexel Dragon redshirt freshman who no one outside the team actually knew was on the team, but there he was on Saturday going off for 4 points including the game winning goal on what apparently was a sick high bounce shot.  Is this a flash in the pan?  Or does this guy add to an already sick offense and add some depth down the stretch?  I guess we’ll see, he’s #18 in case you’re looking for him during the next game.

The X – 18 for 32 is a solid day for Nick and that group.


The Cloudy

Cal and the D – You can’t give up 14 and be in the Sunny, however, you can  shut the other team down for an extremely stressful last 3 minutes that included several monster saves and be in the Dark.  So this group is somewhere in the middle, they frustrate with defensive lapses and then they excite with huge stops in huge moments.  They’re a little be of an enigma this season, but the team is 9-3 so lets just keep the good vibes going.


The Dark

Clearing – Maybe a little nitpicky, but 13-17 is not a good clearing stat, and clearing the ball has been an issue at times this season.  Let’s try and clean this up boys.

The CAA's


So things are falling into the place, but the order is far from being decided.  Penn State is certainly in the drivers seat at 4-0, but they do have to play at Delaware and at Hofstra to finish the season, so nothing is a given there.  Towson and Drexel are next up and almost certainly will play this weekend to see who hosts one of the semifinal CAA matchup between the same teams two plus weeks from now.  Hofstra could theoretically make it to the 3rd seed, but it’s unlikely, and they will have to fend off a late season push from Delaware to lose that 4th and final position.  Both of those teams finish with UMass and Penn State over the last two weekends of the season.

The NCAA’s

While the road to the NCAA’s is an absolute certainty if the Dragons can negotiate the CAA Tournament and win for the first time in program history, we’ll note that the updated RPI came out today and has the Dragons sitting in the 15th position.  With a ton left to shake out, the boys will have to win out and most likely win the semi’s if they want any chance at an at large bid.  The teams that can help the cause the most will be Hofstra, Villanova and Albany; we need the boys to take care of business and then yes, we need to root for Hofstra and Villanova.


Plain and simple, this is huge.  The boys are 6-0 at home this season and will be playing in front of a packed house for the Homecoming Game.  As discussed above, the winner will almost certainly end up hosting the rematch a couple weeks from now.  While this Towson rivalry hasn’t been much the last couple seasons, this Towson team has come alive this season and will be more than ready for this game.  No need to get into the full hate that this alumni group has for this team, I’m sure Lodge will help define those emotions, but we need to be in full force for this one so just come to West Philly at 4pm (we’ll be starting earlier in the lot) on Saturday.