Closing the Book - Robert Morris

Closing the Book - Robert Morris

I knew it. You knew it. The team knew it.


This was a damn trap game and no matter how much everyone talked about it there was just no getting
around the fact that this team had to make the trek across the state to play a slightly inferior opponent on
their turf in the cold. To their credit, Bobby Mo came out ready for the action and put the boys on their heels
early, setting up a 60 minute battle that put the Dragons to the test. This was a win, and we’re not going to
get all gushy about this, but many Drexel teams of the past lost games just like this, so again the boys get
all the credit. No one wanted to play this game, or care about this game, or whatever; but a win is a win is
a win ….. let’s close the book on this quickly so we can start the “How big are these Bryant and Bucknell
games “ talk.

The Sunny

We haven’t had a chance to talk about the guy who is on the Tewaaraton award watch list too
much this season, but that certainly doesn’t mean he hasn’t been impactful. He may have had an off day in
Virginia, but the best offensive threat this team had coming into the season was a major part of the success over the last 2 games even if his numbers didn’t show it. Well, wake up the Tewaaraton award committee,cause 5 goals and 7 points is just the kind of performance this kid can unleash at any moment.

Saputo and the Face off Gang
That’s not the name of a bad bar band, it’s the name of the group that
dominated the draw game to the tune of 21 of 29.  While the wing play was much better than the
Tuesday night disaster, Mr. Nick Saputo had himself a game folks. While this game had hills to crawl over
and obstacles to overcome, Nick did his part to give the team the O the ball all game long and had as big a
part of this win as anyone.

Winning a Game
Going forward, what team actually wants to hold a lead over the Dragons going into the 4th quarter? To be
honest, I’ll be worried the first time this team has a lead of their own in the 4th quarter because they might not know what to do. All we know at this point is this team wants to win, and they have an offense that can
get it done at all times, a D and freshman goalie that rises to the occasion and an overall team will that
allows them to believe that they are meant to win at all times. They are making this fun, and their drawing
everyone in at the same time.

After all that soft talk, they win the ground ball battle 42-28, that’s a major turn for the better.

The Dark

Whether it was questionable high to high shots or some bad turnovers, the Mo was able to get
up and out and make the Dragons pay. We know that the offense is running their O midfield with only 4
or so guys, so I’m sure coach doesn’t want them to get caught up in running too much down field to play D.
Only issue is that Bobby Mo took advantage of that quick release off the field from our middies to create
offense of their own.

The Start
In a continuing trend, the boys had a slow start out of the gates. Although a closer look at
the numbers might tell you that they came to play, but just couldn’t get the lead where it mattered most.
They out shot Bobby 29-14, won 9 of 12 draws and grabbed 11 more GB’s in the first half, but trailed 6-4.
Basically, The Dragons had chances to score, but made enough mistakes to erase the good deeds. I fear for the team that plays these guys when their humming for a full 60 min.

Tweets of The Day

Special thanks to Carl Ray (@RevRay41) for providing the great tweets throughout the game.

@willmeltron – everything’s broke in Pittsburgh

@LemChuckWPF faithful, follow Nascarl Rayburn for in game updates @RevRay41” I plan to
immediately unfollow after the game. #dildo

@RevRay41 – Just like Thanksgiving dinner. We’re knotted at duces.

@willmeltron – WTF is @j_olivella back in goal for the Dragons?

@RayRev41Franky “Fourth Quarter” Fusco nets one!! Dragons take the lead with 1:49.

@AliciaNeary – Thankful the Dragons won today!!! @BrianNeary1 will be a happy date the rest of this

Next Up Bryant

The door is officially closed on that Pittsburgh trip, and the boys get a week to work on the little things
before Bryant comes into town next weekend. We’ll get everyone ready for the home game, and highlight
Bryant’s season throughout the week, but just remember that this team owes them one after surrendering
that 4th quarter lead last year for what was just a heartbreaking moment for the ’12 squad.
Everyone plan on coming out for this one, see youse next week @WPFLACROSSE