Closing the Book on Bucknell

Closing the Book on Bucknell




We’re not going say something stupid like this team was due for a letdown game, this team deserves way more respect than that, but in the end the team went out to nowhere PA and let themselves down with a 17-8 loss to Bucknell.  In the end it’s not so much the loss that is surprising, Bucknell is coming off of a couple real quality wins, but the 9 goal margin is certainly surprising.  Not much good to talk about with this one, so let’s close the book quickly on this one and move on to The Mount, who’s coming up to Vidas after rolling GTown yesterday:


The Sunny

Belka – It’s the kind of game where positives are few and far between, but Ryan Belka brought a game that was up to the task.  A 3 goal performance with 6 shots and 3 gb’s was maybe the lone bright spot of the day

Belka – Yup, Belka was the lone bright spot on the day.


The Dark

Weaknesses – Although the team rolled in with a 4-1 record, there has been some chinks in the armor that have plagued the Dragons at points though out the season.  Unfortunately, all of these chinks were on display at the same time tonight.  Periods of defensive laps, turnovers on offense and soft starts have been seen throughout the season, but tonight all of those merged into the perfect storm against the boys.  Although the defense had their bad moments, the overall lack to punch back when they were being punched early combined with a tremendous amount of turnovers on offense really seemed to be the main culprits in this one.

Shooting – We’re not talking about the quality of shots here, as 9 goals on 27 shots isn’t the worst shooting % in the world, but being outshot 46 to 27 in the game pretty much tells the story.

ESPNU Ticker – The best part about watching some bad college basketball game on a Tuesday night is you get to see the M LAX header coming across the bottom ticker with some scores.  This mini highlight is escalated when you see the old DREXEL pop up getting some nation love.  It’s a little deflating however when you see #14 DREXL 8  #18 BUCKNELL 17.

Let’s be honest, that was bad to write, bad to read, and I’m sure the game film will be bad to watch.  The good thing is that they have another game this Saturday against a solid squad to get themselves back on track. 


On To the Mount


For the second year in a row this matchup occurs on St. Patty’s Day weekend, and this version is quickly shaping up to be a huge battle for the boys.  Mount is coming off a 14-6 drubbing of Georgetown tonight and have played every top team in the country so far this season, so they will be more than ready for the challenge.  While the CAA is coming quick and the HUGE games are just around the corner, this is now a HUGE game in its own right as 5-2 looks a lot nicer than 4-3. 

Hope everyone can make it out on Saturday, see youse there!!