Closing the Book on Albany

Closing the Book on Albany

Closing the Book on Albany

Last year the Dragons started off with a tough 1 goal loss to Virginia, but then came back with that unreal 20-19 win over Albany to get the season started with a 1-1 record.  The script to start this season is no different at all.  After dropping that tough game last week to Virginia 11-10, the boys went up to Albany and left it all on the field to come away with a 14-13 win. 

For the second year in a row the Drexel offense turned in a 1 goal better performance than the much more celebrated Albany offense, and with the win, the boys come back south with a very impressive non-conference win over a highly ranked opponent.   We all know punching the ticket to the tourney should be earned by winning the CAA, but if that doesn’t happen then it’s a win like this that will help bolster the chances of an at large. 

The early season schedule doesn’t slow down as a trip to Nova is on tap for Tuesday.  So lets relive this great game one last time so we can close the book and move on to those pussycats from the main line.


The Sunny

Saputo, Thomas and the Faceoff Gang – It sounds like a bad cover band, but this was the group that had the most effect on the game.  After the ultra-impressive performance last week at the X, Nick Saputo came back this week with a friend as he and Deven Thomas combined to go 19-31 in a game where controlling the ball was must.  While the individual wins from Saputo and Thomas were gold in this one, the wings were great as well.  When the faceoffs turned into a 50/50, our boys came up with most of them, and every passion was huge as winning not only meant keeping the ball in our end, but also out of the hands of the Thompson’s. 

Midfield Scoring – Last week we made a plea for some more scoring from the midfield; one game and 9 goals later this seems to no longer be a concern.  Lead by super stud Ben McIntosh, the middies made their mark in this one 9 goals to pace the Dragons offense.  Of those 9 goals, 7 came in the second half when the game was on the line and most notably was Benny Mc’s last 2 that took a 12-12 game and made it 14-12 with just a couple to go.  A notable shout out to Jules Raucci who added 3 goals to the contest, easily the best game of the sophomores career.

Will Gabrielsen – For the second year in a row Will steps up in a game where goals are being scored left and right to have a very solid game.  Facing the Thompsons is no easy task, so when you have 16 saves and your team wins then no one cares about the 13 that went in.  In a first half , which was way more of a defensive battle than anyone saw coming , it was Will’s 10 saves that allowed the Dragons to remain tied 5-5 at the half.  In the final minutes of the game, it looked like Will made a few great plays on ‘in-close” action to preserve the win.  It’s hard to let up 13 and get in the sunny, but this performance was more than worthy.

Cole Shafer – 11 points in 2 games to start your career!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  I hope we don’t over do it, but the kid looks like he has star written all over him.

Stat Wins – DU won the faceoffs 19-12 and ground balls 37-30; the added possessions from those 2 stats were huge in this game. Going 2 for 3 on man up while holding Albany off the score sheet on their only man up was huge as well.

Coaches – After a tough loss last week, the coaches must of felt the pressure to win this game even though a loss would not have been met with criticism.  Credit to Coach Voelker, Ford and Collins for making all the right calls (when you win you can say such definitive statements) to get the win in a situation where they were the clear underdogs.  The challenge now is to get this group ready for the trip to Nova on Tuesday.


The Dark

2nd Half Bad Stretch – After pulling to a 8-5 lead 5 minutes into the 3rd quarter the quality play from the Dragons left the field and Albany went on a 5-0 run to make it a 10-8 game.  Gabe couldn’t make a save, shot selection wasn’t great and the Albany players made all the plays.  A win is a win, but in both games this season there has been a stretch that is marked with unusually poor play.  In all lacrosse games teams can make runs, but you need to limit those if you’re going to be a force at the D1 level.  Let’s hope these bad stretches become few and far between.

Nothing Else – There is nothing else to put in the dark about this win, except maybe the poor quality of the live feed, but we’re over that.


Nova Next

Everyone in the area get out to the main line for this yearly battle …….. we hate them, they hate us and this game rarely disappoints.  Come back before the game to get the real feeling from Lodge.