Captain Interview with Aaron Prosser

Captain Interview with Aaron Prosser

Taking some time out of his schedule, Captain Aaron Prosser gave us his thoughts on a couple of topics for the upcoming 2013 season.  WPF wishes everyone a safe & Happy Thanksgiving!


Team Goals

AP: Our 3 primary goals for 2013 are to win National Championship, play in May and win a CAA championship. Last year we were one game away from achieving 2 of these goals. The opportunity to play in the CAA championship was a unique opportunity, which we share with only one other Drexel team. Without a doubt our fuel for the year will come from that feeling of walking off UMASS’s field last May. Just as in 2008 our slogan for the year is to “Remember The Feeling.”



AP: The new rules will ensure a faster game, the key being no horns. Two-way middies will be crucial this year, as a lot of goals were scored in transition throughout the fall. The new stick rules are a bunch of malarkey, but we can’t do anything about it except adapt.

Overall the fall was solid, for only having four weeks under our belt to adjust to new rules and an entirely new defense, we did well. Our second half of the Penn game wasn’t our best on both ends of the field but that’s what scrimmages are for; to learn our weaknesses and improve upon them.

It was nice to end on a high note with the Navy game. While it wasn’t a complete performance, I think the offense really came together and defensively, we were better poised than during the Penn game. In the end, we established a solid base to build on for the 2013 season.



AP: I broke my thumb 3 days before the alumni game, it was tough to go all fall and then not play in the alumni game or scrimmages. The thumb is already better and should be fine come season.

Last year was great for me mostly because of Kyle Bergman’s success. I had the fortune of having a short stick matchup all season and at the end of the day I just had to capitalize on what I was given. The only way to build from last year is to not be complacent, to always be improving and to believe in our own success. Also getting ready for this whole 2-way middy thing will be tough.

I’m looking for another shot at anyone in the CAA. As any Drexel player knows the CAA is full of long standing rivalries. I think right now UMASS is at he top of that list. Secondly, any chance we have to get after Hofstra or Delaware is more than okay. Lastly, while they’re not in the CAA, playing Nova again would be great, especially after last year.



Best Food Truck on Campus

AP: “The Spot” if your not going to Pete’s for breakfast, the spot burgers are always on point.


Great input, bud.  Gonna have to get out to The Spot...shout out to Pete's though...saltpepperketchup?