From the Bleachers: It's About Respect

From the Bleachers: It's About Respect




From The Bleachers: It’s About Respect


            You don’t get respect by asking for it. You don’t get respect by wishing for it. You don’t get respect by complaining people don’t respect you. In sports, as in life, you get respect by working your tail the old fashioned way: by earning it.

            Last Saturday afternoon on Vidas Field our Dragonlaxers took a big step in the respect category with a win over archrival Penn State. While it may be the last time we see those Nittany Lions for a while due to their moving to The Big 10, our men’s lacrosse team gave them, us, themselves, and the lacrosse community something to remember.

            I don’t care if you beat the 67th ranked team in the country in triple overtime, it still feels good, and will feel good forever. In this case, we took down a struggling team who is in disarray, turning the ball over 20 times during the game, but who still have some very good players and—to their credit—fought tooth and nail until the final whistle. Give them respect.

            But where’s our respect? Why isn’t there more press on our big win? Why didn’t we move back in the Top 20 where we belong? How in the world do Army and Lehigh get ranked ahead of us with their marshmallow schedules? Or, for that matter, overrated Penn and Notre Dame who play what seems like ten games per year?

            Friends and fans, it doesn’t matter.

            The only thing that matters is winning this game on Saturday versus UMass. This is a statement game. And, more importantly, it’s a game to secure a CAA playoff game, possibly at home if we win and do the same versus last year’s CAA champ Towson next weekend. If and if…

            UMass is good. The polls show they are and respect them as such. But we are better. Now is the time to prove it.

            If you ask a lacrosse aficionado about Drexel’s reputation they will say, “Good team. Play a tough schedule. Lose a lot of close games.”

            This is changing. Over the last two seasons Drexel is 10-5 in games decided by two goals or less. The prior two seasons we were 6-9. That is not a subtle shift. This is a stat, based on results, which proves we are moving towards the top of the food chain.

            Two years ago a preseason team not in the Top 20 (ranked 21st unofficially) went all the way. No one believed in them but themselves. Can we be the next Loyola? Why not? This is the mentality we need to have. Not just winning the CAA, but earning the Cinderella glass slipper this year so we will never be forgotten again. 9 wins would make Dragonlax legendary forever. Dreamers are the ones who change the world. Dream now and make it happen through relentless hustle and grit and determination on the turf. It starts with 1 win.

            To begin this roll we need to take care of business against UMass. They are having a hard time scoring goals and were lit up by Albany worse than anyone in the country has been lit up all year. We must jump on them early and squeeze the life out of them. For sixty minutes. Not just a few players having great games, but all our stars must shine. Indeed, any player who is lucky enough to step on the field Saturday needs to play as if it is their last shift of their lives. Bodies flying around, making hustle plays on rides and ground balls are what separate two good squads.

            We showed last week we have The Fire. This week lets add gasoline to the embers and light up UMass and the lacrosse world. This is how you earn respect.

- Anonymous Dragonlax Fan


Well said, again.  This really gets me going, looks like there may be a chance of rain this weekend but who cares.  The Dragons took down Delaware in the rain and they'll do the same with the Minutemen.  So come on out to the game or watch online and follow us on twitter @WPFLACROSSE