#42 - Hank Brown

#42 - Hank Brown

Freshman #42 Hank Brown was nice enough to get back to WPF with some of our questions so we can get familiar with these young guns.  Here's the story and we hope Hank's ankle injury heals up in time for UVa.

Hank Brown – Landon - #42

WPFWelcome to Drexel, Philly is quite a different setting from your hometown – how are you adjusting?

#42: I grew up pretty close to Washington DC, so I had an idea of how to live in a city. However, DC is much different than Philly. I think I have adjusted well so far. I haven’t encountered many major issues going to school here.

WPFHow have the practices been in 2013? 

#42:  They have been going well. One of my coaches in high school coached with Coach Ford at McDonogh High School in Maryland, so the offenses run the same patterns.

WPFWith some recent injuries on the offensive side of the ball, it looks like there are going to be some young guys fighting for significant time. Are you looking forward to being able to contribute right away?

#42:  I’m looking to contribute to the team in any way that I can. I believe the coaching staff will put me in whatever position that will put the team in the best position to win games this year.

WPFWhat are some of the team goals for 2013?

#42:  Win the CAA title. Get the NCAA tournament. Win the NCAA tournament.

WPFPersonal goals?

#42:  Just getting playing time and contributing to the offense in any way that I can.

WPFLot of tough competition during your high school days playing in the IAC, are you looking forward to playing against some of your HS teammates at the next level?

#42:  I am definitely looking forward play against old teammates. Not many of my Landon teammates went to the CAA schools, but I know some of my club teammates went to the CAA schools and other schools like Villanova. But, it will be fun to play against these guys.

WPF:Were you able to take in any games at Vidas Field during your recruiting process?  If so, thoughts?

#42: I came to the Drexel Albany game one year. It was a fun game to watch. Drexel played well and won the game by a number of goals I think. The best game I saw Drexel play was down in Charlottesville two years ago. My brother went to UVA, and I was going to commit to Drexel. It was a fun exciting game, but Drexel lost by two I think.

WPFFavorite part about Drexel’s campus?

#42: I’m not sure but probably the food trucks because they are really cheap. 

WPF: Favorite “Philly” food – Cheesesteaks, soft pretzels or tastytakes?

#42: The Cheesesteaks.


Thanks again for your time, Hank.  Boys are headed down to UMBC this weekend to fine tune everything before they take Charlottesville by storm @WPFLACROSSE