#31 - Jordan Klunder

#31 - Jordan Klunder

#31 Freshman Midfielder Jordan Klunder from local powerhouse Conestoga sits down with us and raps about some brotherly love, the dankest sandwich on campus and the teams ambitious goals for 2013.



WPF: Welcome to Drexel, Jordan.  You’ve been familiar with the program for years now being that your sister played here and your brother Jason still does.  How does it feel to be a part of it after all these years?

#31: It’s awesome to actually be a part of it rather than sitting in the stands watching. It’s good to be on the field with Jason again as well, even cooler being his linemate. Not sure about having his old number 31 though.

WPF: How’d the team take the tough loss to UVa?  Long bus ride home?

#31:  The team handled it very well actually. Triz made a great point right after the game and said that we were going to stick it to them when we see them again in May. That had to be the toughest loss I’ve ever had and the 5 hour bus ride home didn’t help.

WPFDo the seniors still make the freshman (aka “rats”) clean up the bus afterwards?

#31:  There are always several “Sit down rats” when the bus stops. I don’t see that tradition stopping anytime soon.

WPFHow has it been adjusting to the college style of play and the new rules in 2013?

#31:  I love the new rules because it makes the transition game more vulnerable. It also makes the tranny position a lot more fun to play and a lot more plays to make. The college style of play is much faster but the coaches and upperclassmen have done a great job of getting the freshmen prepared to compete out there.

WPFWhat are some of the team goals for 2013?

#31:  2013 is about winning the program’s first ever CAA championship and ultimately competing for the National Championship in Philly.

WPFPersonal goals?

#31:  I have never really thought about any personal goals but I guess I’d have to say to do whatever it takes to win the CAA.

WPFWhich CAA team are you looking forward towards playing the most this year?

#31:  I’d have to say Umass.  Mainly because they took the championship from the boys last year.

WPFWhat’s your favorite Brian Samson (head coach of Conestoga HS) quote? 

#31:  Ah G-doc, a name everyone should be familiar with. I would definitely have to go with these two: “Who has the most goals so far this season, you or Todd?” and “To be early is to be on time. But being on time… I guess that’s ok too.”

WPFWho’s faster – you or your brother?

#31:  Jason.

WPFHow did you like rooming with him before the big game?  Any good pranks from the first away trip of the season?

#31:  Thought it was pretty funny they stuck us together, reminded me of our old family trips. But there weren’t any good pranks I was aware of. Just a very tight bus ride down to Charlottesville.

WPFFavorite part about Drexel’s campus?

#31:  How compact it is. I don’t like walking too far for a class.

WPFFavorite lunch truck on campus?

#31:  Pete’s. BEC with hashbrown. Saltpeppaketchup


Good luck the rest of the season, We’ll be routing for you behind the fence and on the hill all season long.  Good luck preparing for Albany, don’t fall for the Thompson’s ball fakes. 


Everybody get on down to 43rd & Powelton this Saturday as the Dragons host UAlbany in a battle of top 20 teams.  We’ll be setting up the tent, speaker and tapping the keg around 11:30/12.  Gametime is at 1pm.  Village Pizza for all.  Alums who’ve donated their share to the program can pickup their pullover if your name’s on the list.  Stay tuned for Lodge & Know Your Enemy rolling out later this week…@WPFLACROSSE