#29 - Will Gabrielsen

#29 - Will Gabrielsen

West Philly’s Finest brings you #29 Freshman netminder Will Gabrielsen who looked good in his debut against the Cavaliers in Charlottesville.  Hope to see him put on another performance like that this weekend when the Thompson trio & UAlbany trek to West Philly for their showdown on Saturday



WPFWelcome to Drexel, how has the adjustment been for you so far?

#29:  The adjustment has gone well, I came from a small private school so being in the city is a nice change of pace.

WPFYou put up a hell of a performance between the pipes versus UVA this past Saturday.  How were you feeling prior to the game and when did you first find out you were starting?

#29:  Thanks, I was feeling really excited before the game, being able to start as a freshman is such a privilege and having that first game be against a team like UVA is pretty special. I found out for sure in our practice on Friday.

WPFHow was your first collegiate road trip of the 2013 season?

29:  My first collegiate road trip was fun; we got a couple good meals, watched a few good movies on the bus, and were all just really excited for the season to start.

WPFWho was your roommate before the big game? 

#29:  My roommate was Henry Buonagurio, we just watched some SportsCenter and tried to get some sleep.

WPFWhat are some of the team goals for 2013?

#29:  A big team goal for us is to win the CAA and get into the NCAA tournament. Once we get in, anything can happen.

WPFPersonal goals?

#29:  I want to help run the defense and make saves.

WPFWere you able to take in any games at Vidas Field during your recruiting process?  If so, thoughts?

#29:  I went to the Drexel-Villanova game last year, although it was not at Vidas I still enjoyed getting to see the team play, and it got me really excited to be coming to Drexel.

WPFPlease clear this up for all the WPF faithful – the UVA announcers were pronouncing your name – GABRIEL-sun – basically splitting it up into two words and it was pissing the hell out of us.  Couldn’t tell if it was their southern drawl or not, but I imagine it’s said just like it’s spelled – Gabrielsen, all one word, with a nice Philly accent.  Please confirm.

#29:  My mom was listening to that and complained about that too. And yeah it’s said just like it’s spelled.

WPFFavorite part about Drexel’s campus?

#29:  Just all the options for food and things to do because it’s right in the city.

WPFFavorite “Philly” food – Cheesesteaks, soft pretzels or tastytakes?

#29:  Cheesesteaks but specifically the Buffalo Chicken cheesesteak from Village is amazing.


Good luck the rest of this season.  We look forward to getting loud behind you this Saturday as you guys take on the Great Danes of Albany.  Best of luck, Will.