2014 Defensive Preview

2014 Defensive Preview

Thanks to Carl Ray for putting together this look at the defense...



There are a lot of questions that the Dragons are trying to answer on the defensive end during fall ball.  There are five goalies… FIVE!  All of them are fighting for the coveted spot once held by the likes of Mark Manos, Bruce Bickford, and Jordie Olivela.  We’ll get our first look at them this Friday night at practice and again on Saturday at UPenn during their scrimmages. 


The theme for this years defense is “back to basics”.  Both Tyler Houchins and Matt Dusek return as seniors at close defense.   Matt Dusek has been consistent during the fall as he has been throughout his career at Drexel and the team is looking towards Tyler Houchins to step up as another leader.  Three freshmen have shown promise at times and one or two of them could potentially earn themselves starting roles.  Jake Kiernan is a tall rangy lefty that plays angles well and has good footwork.  His roommate, the other Jake, Jake Genossa has a good stick off the ground and plays very hard.  The third freshman Markel “Mark” Nelson doesn’t have a ton of field experience being from Ontario but has been a pleasant surprise.  The 6’0 Canuck is a strong kid honing his field game and looking to try and make an impact right away.  Also in talks are Pat Root, Miles Thomas, Paul Harrison, and Chris Panichelli.  Panichelli allegedly lost a battle with a closing car door and has been out with a hand injury.  Paul Harrison has struggled with a back injury but is back in the mix.  Pat Root looks to take his experience on the team last year and build on it while Miles gets more experience after being out most of the season last year.  If positions sound wide open, they are!  Nobody is locked into a job and anyone can step up and earn one!


As far as defensive middies go the brothers Klunder return.  Jason battled back issues but is healthy now.  Jordan and Cliff Simeon should see time at the defensive middie spots as well.  Because of rule changes it’s tough to get everyone from the offense off the field during transition so don’t be surprised to see some offensive guys staying on and contributing on D.


The defensive end is clearly an area that has plenty to improve on from last year, but there is a lot of depth to make it a daily battle and get better.  We should see a bunch of different looks this Saturday at the scrimmages.