Coach Voelker: UVa Game 

We lost a tough one on Saturday 9-8 to UVA.  We stood toe to toe with them for four quarters, and really had opportunities to pull it out.  In the end, UVA made the plays and we didn't.  Nick Trizano and Brendan Glynn led the offense with 2 goals each.  The defense played well most of the day.  Dana Wilber had an exceptional day holding player of the year candidate Steele Stanwick to no points.  After watching the film the three areas we need to improve on are: ground ball play, shooting, and our transition defense.


We have a huge game this weekend at Albany at 1pm.  The guys know we have to work hard all week to go up there and get our first win.

Game 1 


Hello Gentlemen and Friends,


Some of the sentiments will be repeated from the official recap reported yesterday by WPF, but I felt the need to do a little reporting on the game Lodge Style. To preface my article please note that I am brutally honest in my opinions on anything and everything lacrosse which is usually a good thing. This is obviously a “homer” Dragon site but when there’s more work to be done, there’s work to be done.


Our Drexel Dragons come out of their first game 0-1 with a heart breaker to the Virginia Cavaliers. Obviously the Dragons played a very, very solid game. Unfortunately for the boys, coaches, and us, “solid” was not enough. The boys took the loss by a score of 9-8.

All right let’s go through the good things that happened yesterday.


The Dragons Defense gave up 9 goals to an ACC turn and burn type of team. Holding them to 7 would have been an A, so I give them a nice B+. Dana Wilbur had a tremendous game against last year’s Tewaaraton Award winner and our D as a whole was able to keep UVA from going on any significant runs. There was a short blip in the 3rd quarter where UVA ran off a few goals but for the most part the Defense showed that they were just as, if not more than athletic than UVA’s offense. Freshman Klunder looked awesome by the way.


The Drexel Offense looked better than any other Drexel offense I have ever seen in the first game of a season. They worked very well as a unit and moved the ball quickly at all times. It seems as though the stagnant Drexel Offense is a thing of the past, which is really refreshing to see. At times the Drexel Offense made the UVA Defense look awful. There were some significant mismatches up top and behind. Trizano could have went 1-on1 with McWilliams from UVA 10 times and beat him all ten times, no doubt about it. #13 and freshman Ryan Belka looked tremendous dodging all day. He’s gotta hit the cage but he did get the offense jump started on a few different possessions. Prosser dodged very well and hit the cage on one of his many shots. He beat his man multiple times and then shot lasers over the cage unfortunately. Glynn continues to be a great outside shooter and off ball guy with 2 goals. Overall the offense gets a B. Moral of the story we need to hit the net.


The game had taken a turn Drexel’s way in the 4th quarter when Trizano took the ball to the goal, made his defenseman fall flat on his face, and leisurely walked in front of the net and scored. After the play it seems as though a significant injury occurred sidelining Trizano for the rest of the game. I would call this the break point for Drexel. This goal should have been the momentum swing Drexel needed to tilt the field their way and go on a run to end the game. Unfortunately the injury to Trizano seemed to have our boys looking for someone to step up. It’s early of course, but we still didn’t see it. After the injury there were few opportunities for the Dragons without Triz. Hopefully he is not sidelined for long.


A few big plays towards the end of the game for Drexel were head scratchers and possession killers. Too early to comment on that but they should get better as the season goes on.


Alright so here’s the deal Drexel’s schedule is outrageous and yes we were not favored at all in this game, but we are going to have a ton of very close games and we need to find ourselves up one in stead of down one when the clock stops. Personally I think this is a mojo/leadership/experience thing. Like I have already said its early in this season, there are no moral victories anymore at DU. It just doesn’t feel nice anymore to play a great game against UVA and lose. It was obvious at times that UVA was outmatched but unfortunately they are 1-0 and we are 0-1.


I really don’t have that much sly commentary on this one. The Alumni who came out to the game receive an A, the alumni who chose not to come get a zero percent. The atmosphere was tremendous, and the staff had to stop selling tickets! A sellout? What is this a Phish show? Kind of outrageous and great to see! WPF will move forward with or without large numbers, but we’d really like to have a much better effort for Notre Dame in terms of numbers. You guys know there’s free beer, free food, and an excuse to get away from your wife and kids, right? Young alumni have no excuse, because if you can’t get away from your girlfriends your life sucks. There was not one player at the game from last year’s class and very few alumni from the last three years, here’s a sarcastic great job to you guys. Keep up the awesome work of supporting the team…

Some local folks from the neighborhood came out and supported WPF in the parking lot, which was great to see.


Next week the boys are at Albany at 1pm. I will make sure I put out the URL if the game is being web cast. Albany continues to be soft year after year, Thompson’s or not.


The next home game is 3/3 against Notre Dame! Huge game. Last time UND came to 43rd and Powelton they left shocked and maimed. Po Boy Scott Rogers was shaking in his jock strap last time in West Philly. Let’s hope we can do the same to Sean Kemp’s son.


For now, I am going to drown my sorrows wit’ a bottle of Makers while snatching kettle bells,  performing split squats and wall sits all at the same time…yeah I just blew your mind.


Thank you to WPF for a great tailgate and alumni atmosphere.






PS yes, that is my dog watching the Drexel Webcast on Saturday at home. Can you get anymore baller than that? I mean seriously my dog has more swagger and intelligence than most humans. Suffice it to say he was not happy at the conclusion. He took out his anger by hunting and eating squirrels on my estate. Yeah, he's got his own house on the estate, believe it.

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The pre-season is officially over, and the first game is right around the corner.  We had three solid scrimmages over the last two weekends, and the team is gearing up for UVA on Saturday.  They're the defending National Champions, and ranked #1 in most polls.  This game is a huge opportunity for us to make an impact on the national level.  Please come out and support us if you can.  


If you can't make it out, watch all Drexel home lacrosse games on DragonsTV.  Online at (, iPhone or Droid app.  



An invitation to a pre-game event being put on by the Alumni Relations office is at the bottom of this email.  Sounds like a great event for all alumns and their families.  



Finally, the athletic department is having an internal contest to see which program can get the highest percentage of alumni to give to their respective programs.  Your donations go directly to the needs of the program, and are integral to our success.  Let's make Men's Lacrosse the winner of the contest, and the model program in our department.  Here's the link for the donation, you need to write men’s lacrosse in the additional instructions.  -



Hope to see you soon.



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