Coach's Corner: Drexel vs Nova and ND 

We knew going into the season that this week would be challenging, and it was.  Villanova and ND are very different, but both talented and ranked high.  Nova has a high powered offense, and ND has the nation's best D.


On Tuesday, we lost 14-9 to Villanova.  The beginning of the game was a total disaster, Villanova led 6-0 at the end of the first quarter. The team battled back to 7-5 and 11-8, but we couldn't overcome the early deficit.  We made too many mistakes, especially on the defensive end, to get the win.  Kyle Bergman led the offense with 1g and 4a's.  I was really disappointed with our defensive effort.  Nova is very talented, but we made a lot of basic errors and couldn't come up with the "big stop" when needed.


We lost 6-5 to ND on Saturday.  The game was back and forth.  We went up 2-0, they took a 4-2 lead in the third quarter, we tied it 5-5 in the middle of the fourth, and they scored with just under 5 minutes to play to take the final lead.  We had chances at the end (including a 30 second EMO w/ 1:15 to play), but ND's D stood up.  Aaron Prosser led the offense with 2 goals, and I felt like our D played well as a unit.


We have two games this week, and both are obviously important.  We play at St. Joe's on Tuesday at 3pm (game has been pushed up an hour), and at Bryant on Saturday at 1pm.  We're 1-3, but our losses are to the #1, #7, and #12 ranked teams in the country.  We need to get it going this week, and pick up some wins.  Tuesday is also our first conference game, so any support is appreciated.


West Philly comes to the Main Line 



Good Day Friends and Alumni

Wow! I don’t even get a second to write about how on point I was in my pre-game Lodge write up on Albany and we are looking at over 24 hours before the Dragons take on their nemesis from the Main Line.

I won’t even bring up the Albany game because like I said prior I don’t think Albany is that good. I was pretty on point in my write-up though, gotta give me that.

So I think if I look back at last year and the year before at my Villanova articles they were probably ridiculously intense and filled with hate. Please expect the same with this one but please also note that I am under the gun with because I have all day meeting with Scorsese today. 

The great thing about tomorrow night is that almost everything besides the location of the game is going in Drexel’s favor. In the beginning of the year when I had the rarest moment of humility I looked up and down the Villanova line up and realized they were going to be a very good team this year. The best thing about this is that THEY think they are a very good team. Any team that returns almost everyone except some overrated LSM and had a year like Nova did last year is going to be cocky and have a high perspective of themselves. And then you compound that with the fact that, that team is Villanova and that they think their poop smells like roses, and their daddies and milfs tell them that their poop smells like roses, you have a team that needs a licking badly. They come off of a win at Bucknell where they worked through some adversity to win and some bro who wears spandex when its 90 degrees out scored a few goals, so they probably feel pretty tough right now. Fortunately for us Bucknell isn’t the team everyone thought they would be and Nova was lucky to get out of there with a W. Hence, this is a perfect time to give them a nice drunk uncle backhand and put these doughboys back in their place. Their reputation is always on the line when Drexel drives from 43rd and Powelton out Lancaster Avenue through the heart of West Philly and finally onto a stretch of land that has been coined the “Main Line.”

Talking about the match up and who played who so far really means nothing with this game. I can’t say that we’ll win by 3 because of this or we’ll let up this many goals because of that, the game is going to have to be a dog fight. Drexel needs to play a tremendous game on Defense. I mean like a lights out game on Defense. This is a must. The offense is going to score goals. Nova is and always will be soft on Defense so I do not worry about putting up 8-10 goals on them. Bottom line, we need to shut the spandex boys down and the Cats fall apart. No doubt about it.

It’s going to be a good old cultural divide in the stands tomorrow night and I always love that. Just close your eyes and picture this: the east side of the stands – fake blonde hair moms cheering for their sons who have never done anything wrong in their lives – “Go Xander!” “Way to go Sigmund! Keep it up!” “I wish I was still breastfeeding you Rutherford!” You know the usual. On the west side of the stands – picture a bunch of incredibly handsome gentlemen who graduated from Drexel University with more lines than Chris Farley on a Tuesday night.

Please come out to the game after work. There should be a solid contingent of alumni out with the Parents of our boys!

See you there.

Licking my, chinese food, cat eating lips…


PS – This picture was taken from Villanova’s party Saturday night.



Happy Friday Compadres,

Wow, take a look at that picture. Nothing says I am ready to battle it out on the lax field like some nappy dreads… Yes that is one of their players, his number is 45 and he loves Jamaica. Why not right? Albany is kind of like Jamaica in so many ways…Coach Marr, you might want to talk to your boy about a haircut. Not that anyone would draw any stereotypes here…

In gearing up for a monster match up tomorrow for our Drexel Dragons I wanted to spew some hate towards the Albany Purple Puppies.

In recent years the Albany-Drexel matchup has always been a good one to watch. It is rare for one team to win 2 or 3 years in a row, which of course, turns into a heated battle year in and year out. And look at that the series is tied at 5’s right now. Looks like Drexel has to be the one to go 6-5 in the series.
Looking back at last week Drexel and Albany faced similar opponents with similar outcomes, losses. Albany lost to a Syracuse Team that lost a few bodies but at the same time, a team like that has 3-4 guys just as good waiting in the wings. My take on this is that Albany is not very good. Syracuse-Albany should be a 2 goal game at most due to the geography of the rivalry and the fight for the JUCO transfers that both teams get. Joe Resetarits, Ty Thompson, and Lyle Thompson accounted for all of their goals. In my personal opinion I was utterly let down by the talent level of the one Thompson last year. Well, let me be clear I was actually amazed by the one Thompson last year, who was about 5 foot tall and 300 pounds and managed to stand up in the goal for 3 quarters after they pulled their Long Island Boy. This is not the Thompson I was referring to; instead I was referring to the midfielder. Gotta say it, didn’t see much happening there. I was expecting to see some “armadillos” maybe, or even some traditional wooden sticks, but maybe I was expecting too much. Regardless I didn’t see what the hype was all about with any of these guys thus far. Maybe they will prove me wrong but with our Defense playing the way they did last week, this should not be an issue for Frank T, Dana, Teuber, or anyone else for that matter. I will say Albany will be held to 7 goals in this contest.

As for the defense…umm let me think, yeah, defense doesn’t matter. For a high profile celeb like myself it’s all about the glory, so why even talk about their D. No one cares. They are defensemen for Albany, I mean seriously. I think Churchy goes on a run for 3 goals, Belker has 2, Glynn 2, Bergs and Stock 1, Pross 1. That would make a score of 10-7.

The URL for the webcast is as follows:
It looks like it costs $10.00 for the month, which means 10 bucks for this game. MAKE SURE YOU CANCEL. They will probably whack you monthly until you cancel accordingly. Been there done that.
By the way, Albany as a city, place, town sucks. You couldn’t pay me to go to school there. Even if I was Jesus Shuttlesworth in He Got Game and they gave me the presents that he got, I wouldn’t go there. I mean seriously, nothing says underachiever like a diploma from Albany…sad but true. Stay cold and in the middle of nowhere Albany. You do you.


Rodger Lodge