Coach's Corner: Weekend Recap March 19 

We went 1-1 again this week losing 12-11 to Bucknell and beating the Mount 11-6.


The Bucknell game was back and forth.  They went up 5-2 at the end of the first, we tied it up 7-7 at half.  We took an early third quarter lead, but they went up 10-9 at the end of the third.  They went up 12-9, but we kept fighting and battled back to within one.  We had chances at the end, but couldn't get it done.  We generated a lot of opportunities on offense, taking 54 shots.  I thought we shot poorly, and their backup goalie played well making 10 saves in the second half.  Aaron Prosser (3g 2a) and Ryan Belka (2g 2a) led the offense.  Deven Thomas had a good game, going 13 for 21 from the faceoff X.  I was disappointed with our defense, especially to start the game.


We got back on the winning track on Saturday beating a good Mount squad.  Both teams started slow, but we were able to score 3 goals in the final minute of the first.  We led 5-2 at half, 9-6 at the end of the third, and scored the last two for an 11-6 win.  Aaron Prosser (3g) and T.J. Foley (2g) led the offense.  Nick Saputo was 6 for 8 at the faceoff X, and I thought the defense played well as a unit.  This is a game we needed, and the team stepped up.  Hopefully this gives us some confidence and the momentum going into our next game.


Our record stands at 3-5, and we are headed into the most important stretch of the season.  We are 1-0 in the conference.  We have 5 CAA games in a row, starting this Saturday against Hofstra at home at 7pm.  Our focus is to be 2-0 in the CAA after this weekend. This is a huge game for us, and we need your support.


Also a quick reminder.  Homecoming will be our final regular season game against St. John's on April 28th.  There will be a pre-game event for alumni.  More info to follow.





Ohhhhh we're halfway there 


“Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy”
…maybe they should change that to “R Lodgyy” because if you have not heard by now I am simply as A-list as it gets out here on the West Coast. Most recently I have been flying back and forth to Vidas field in the chopper in hopes to catch a W from our boys. Jeez fellas, can’t a quadtrillionaire god get a win for his troubles? I mean seriously, I’m out here paying $5.50/gal on gas for my chopper and I can’t even pop a bottle of Dom P on the way home, what’s up with it?!?!
So here’s how I see it; The Dragons of 2012 have had a bit of a stumble out of the gate. The stumble continues up until about the time the horse rounds the halfway stake and then the thoroughbred that is the Drexel Dragons begins to find it’s stride. I mean seriously what other choice do the boys have?
The Team as individuals is pretty incredible on paper and continue to hustle around, but unfortunately cannot find the right bounce to turn the season on a downhill tilt to get the fire burning. I know the boys have it, it’s just a matter of a few better bounces going our way and a few more big plays made and the team will be right where we thought they would be come playoff time.
The whole idea behind that last paragraph is great but it means nothing if the boys just think it’ll happen for them. The key to the rest of the season is taking it day by day. Each practice is the most important practice of the season and the ability to culminate at the end of the week in a rip roaring group of players ready to take the next opponent out through a well devised game plan and hustle is exactly what they need…One game at a time and build off each win. That is the only way the team, in my opinion of course, gets on tilt and rides the wave into the CAA playoffs.
A few hints for the boys; stop letting the other team score more than you, stop shooting high to high stick side, and make sure you always score more than the other team. Boom, roasted.
Back to my mojito

Coachs Corner Weekend Recap March 12 

Our goal for the week was to pick up two wins, but we didn't accomplish it.  We beat St. Joe's 8-4 on Tuesday, and lost 7-6 to Bryant on Saturday.  The good news is we're 1-0 in the conference, the bad news we're 2-4 overall.  The one goal losses are disappointing, and obviously something we need to fix.


Tuesday was a strange game.  We finished way ahead in every statistical category, except the score.  We outshot St. Joe's 49-16, GB's were 48-27, and we were 11-15 on face-offs.  Their goalie played well, and we shot poorly.  The game was tied 2-2 at half, and we were able to outscore them 6-2 in the second half.  Robert Church (2g 2a) and Aaron Prosser (2g) led the offense, and the D played well as a unit.  Deven Thomas had a great day at the X, winning 11 of 15.


Saturday was a frustrating day.  We started the game off really strong, and took a 4-0 first quarter lead.  After the first quarter, we couldn't get anything going offensively and we couldn't win a face-off.  The defense was solid most of the day.  I could go over a list of things that went wrong, but in the end Bryant made more plays than we did.  Everyone, coaches and players, know we let one get away.  We're all upset with the result.


We're struggling right now, but have no time to feel sorry for ourselves.  We play Bucknell tomorrow at home at 4pm, and play at Mt. St. Mary's on Saturday at 1pm.  The coaches and players are all doing our best to figure it out, and even up our record going into the heart on conference play.  Tuesday is huge; Bucknell is a very good team.  Any support is greatly appreciated.