Rodger Lodge Signing off 


Well fellow Dragon Supporters,


It looks like the season has come to a close and I just wanted to touch base before I head off to the Mentawai Islands for the summer months.


As you all know the Dragons righted the ship this season in time for the playoffs. They beat a Penn State team in the CAA Playoffs that had a ton of senior talent and won by beating them everywhere on the field. This win will be something that the Senior Class of 2012 can hang their hat on! Great work on beating them at home to end their season! Great job Seniors!


The season ended on Saturday night under the lights in Amherst to the hands of the unbeaten Minutemen. Fair and square, the team from up North, went on a run in the 3rd quarter and Drexel could not close the gap for the rest of the game. I wish I had the gumption to complain about them having the ACL-tearing turf on their field, but I give the CAA Champions credit, they have a squad that could make a nice run in the NCAA’s and beat our Dragons twice this season.


There were some very bright spots to the season that should be noted. Dana Wilbur won the high honor of CAA Defensive Player of the Year and Ryan Belka won Rookie of the Year. Let’s be honest those two awards are legit as all get out! Congrats to those two on their accolades! A tremendous thing for them individually and the program as a whole!


Also receiving CAA individual honors were as follows:


1st team CAA – Frank Tufano and Kyle Bergman

2nd team CAA – Robert Church and Aaron Prosser




The 2012 Dragons end their season 8-8 and CAA Runner-ups. For the type of season the boys had I am very proud of their resilience as the season wore on. 2 tough conference losses two weeks in a row are not easy to swallow, but the boys knew they needed to play great down the stretch in order to get another shot at PSU and UMass. I give the senior class a ton of credit for their success down the stretch!




(Seniors and senior families you can now stop reading)


There is a lot of work to be done this offseason. As I see it we return a ton of unreal threats on the offensive end of the field. Prosser, Glynn, Belka, Trizano, Church, McIntosh, and Vivian, are just a few names to start. All of these guys have showed they have the ability to score and lead their team through some tight games. All of the offensive threats now know what it takes to win a one goal, hard fought game and unfortunately we learned the hard way all season long. The great news is that those losses sting. They go down deep into your psyche and burrow into a nice burning fire that consumes you until either you do something about it or it just consumes you entirely.


As much as I want to close this season out with all happiness and congratulations I just can’t and I know the seniors will appreciate the alumni fire that continues to burn from May through January of 2013. We love this program and we love this team and we are already gearing up for next season. We have great players, great families, great coaches and great alumni and now all we need is that one year where we put it all together and punch that ticket into the upper echelon of the NCAA Lacrosse World. What do you say 2013 Drexel Dragons? Beers in the sun all summer or sled pushes on 190 degree turf 4 days a week? I guess that depends on the individual…

Heating up! 


Heating up!


Good morning All,


I know, I know, where have I been? Well to be honest, I am sitting next to Vern Lundquist right now at Augusta with my Green Jacket on. I’m usually an honorary member annually down there in Georgia!

Unfortunately I will not be in town for today’s game on this holiday weekend but I wanted to check in before I go yell “mashed potatoes” at Tiger all day today. Might even throw a hot dog at him.


The Dragons, as they say on NBA Jam, are heating up! The last two games have been great victories for the team’s record and confidence. Beating the Dutchmen is like stealing the hot chick from the jabroni meathead at prom. Beating the Hens in Newark, although hard to do, is a huge feat for the program after the past few years! The Dragons have put themselves in a tremendous position for their proposed CAA championship run.


Today is a monstrous match up for both teams. PSU has beaten SJU, but lost to Umass in the CAA. They come off a convincing victory to the Sillycats this week and have some really nice wins on the roster. Only problem with PSU is that the Dragons have had a week to prepare for them and straight breathing hot fire right now.


PSU’s goalie wears a hair band around, no joke, I have seen it. He’s got some Joakim Noah hair going on and he thinks he’s the best keeper in the country. In my opinion, we already saw the best keeper in the country at Vidas in Kemp from ND and this kid from PSU doesn’t have anything on him. He jumps around like a lunatic in net and their defense finds strength through him. Last time he came into town he crumbled and limped back to PSU with a loss on his head. Let’s make him feel that heat again and he will drop a bunch to our snipers!


PSU, man, don’t even get me started on that University and their administration. What a mess? I won’t even go into detail but PSU and their nose up in the air aura will get smacked down to earth today at Vidas. That’s just the way it goes coming into West Philly.


Talk soon friends



Hempstead Skifozos 


Hempstead Skifozos


Good evening all!


I just want to first thank my lord and savior for not making our boys head up to Long Island this year. No Hempstead, no Queens = the greatest thing possible, ever. Talk about your worst reoccurring dreams: I have three. The first is where I am back on Campus, just literally, obliterating everything in my path and then I come to realize I have a Final for some class that I have never even been to but that I unknowingly have been signed up for…brutal. The second is where I’m chilling in my dreams, probably just killing it all over the place, and then all of a sudden my teeth start to turn to mush and they just start mushing out of my face…weird and brutal but probably means something. The last one is where I wake up in the morning and I am in a hotel bed at the Hempstead Marriot on Long Island and I can’t smack myself to wake up and end the dream. I proceed to get up out of bed and am somehow teleported to some crap road on LI with 95 lanes of traffic at a standstill and every other car is blasting techno beats in their tinted out rice burners. This dream is by far the worst and I have to inception myself out of it by running myself over, which usually works.


Anyway, the real topic this week is a gigantic matchup at Vidas Field. Hofstra comes in having a solid season so far up to this point. They seem to have caught a little fire recently and have won some big games for themselves. Regardless of that fact, the skifozos from Strong Island, should always come limping out of West Philly with a loss. I will leave the “Know Your Enemy” stuff for my colleague but I just wanted to comment and make sure everyone knows that this Hofstra team is very, very beatable. Usually they come in with a nice team of Canucks and FLIDs that can toss the ball around and then at the end of the season they lose in the first round of the playoffs, but even more so this year they are kind of weak all the way around. They have some guys stepping up into some nice roles but WPF is out in full force we can knock them back up 95N real quick. Nothing worse than a 3-5 hour bus ride after getting worked out in West Philly.


The table is set for an incredible evening at 43rd and Powelton. Baby Blue’s BBQ will be out with some incredible grub and WPF is going to have the strongest showing of the year so far. Let’s get ready to completely demoralize this Hofstra team. 2 years ago Hofstra came in here and a little Canuck by the name of “Churchy” hammered some flaccid goalie for 7 goals…with a little help from the boys behind the net of course! Let’s plan on doing the same thing during this meeting!


Peace in the Middle East


Rodger Lodge


PS - the picture attached is a picture of Hofstra's number 77. He's touted as by far their biggest threat. Nothing screams the hatred I have for Hofstra Lacrosse more than this kid's roster pic. I can't wait until this idiot walks out on our field and just gets completely crushed. From what I understand he is their only offensive force. Let's get alllll over him early.