Lodge in full effect 


What’s happening Drexel Lax World and West Philly’s Finest?!?

Long time no talk….well not too long since I am sure you can tell when Lodge gets a little saucy and puts out a few questionable tweets on the old @WPFLacrosse handle. You know some people think that being a d-list celebrity is all margaritas and senoritas, but honestly sometimes I get busy and need to get a 4th wife, or divorce a 3rd wife…you know the drill.

Regardless, of my past misjudgments with women and the time it takes to give them half of half of half of half of my money, I am totally freaking psyched for this lax season for the Drexel Dragons! Much thanks to WPF, especially G. Doc, Reverend and Rectory specialist Carl Ray, Bruce Bickford, and a few others that have been all over the updates from scrimmages to the practice field. P.S. Big Ups to everyone who has donated to the Drexel Men’s Lacrosse Program! Sounds like they are encroaching on over 70 donations. Since I am a fake person with fake issues and fake money, I have donated a fake cool million bucks. You’re welcome. For those of you who have not…get off the effing bench and get in the game bros.

On to the more important reason for this post….The Dragons play the Virginia Cavaliers on Saturday. Let’s be real this is an absolutely winnable game for our boys but it would still be a “shock the world” kind of win for folks outside the program. After I berated the UVA twitter handle they decided to have a webcast for the game…boom goes the dynamite, we’re in. Some folks are making the trip down to Charlottesville and we’ll get their direct tweets going, but the great thing is we can all watch this showdown. You can look up the webcast stuff yourself and we retweeted it last night. For those who don’t have twitter, just consider yourself old AND in the way.

Honestly I don’t even feel like talking about UVA, what’s the point? Way to easy.

Game time is 1pm fellas! I’m going to go out on a limb and say that this game is the most winnable Drexel/UVA game in the history of the rivalry. Talk soon men, women, and children.

Rodger Lodge, the host of blind date

2013 Drexel Dragons practice begins Monday 1/7 

Good afternoon WPF, Alumni, and Fans of Drexel Lacrosse,

It looks like practice for the 2013 Drexel Dragons Lacrosse Campaign begins Monday, January 7th, 2013 year of our lord, at Vidas Field.

Umm can you say "boooooing". I am beyond amplified for the Dragons 2013 season. It's such a new and unknown team at many points on the field and it's going to be unreal to see who steps up with last year's losses, their recent injuries, and a ton of talent on this squad that we know nothing about. The potential for this team is through the roof right now.

First thing is first, this season started a long time ago. It started last June when the men who make up this team began their Summer workouts. It continued into the Fall where the Men got a chance to put on the pads a few times a week, get their beast on in the gym and play against some real competition. I am going to go out on a limb and say that Rankin has had these fine young men in the weight room since the end of Fall Ball just going off on some hang cleans. Literally throwing weights across the room is what I picture in my mind. 

As the two-time Capt and Class of 09 Kevin Dart once said, "Let's run through a %$#%^&* brick wall!" I think that's what these boys have prepared themselves to do.

This season starts Monday and I cannot wait to see what this team has in store for us this year! Here's to a great season! 


Our prayers and thoughts are with Brendan Glynn  

WPF Contingent, Alumni, Family, and Friends,

Although this may be a delayed response and we apologize for that; we want to send our deepest and most optimistic thoughts and prayers to Brendan Glynn and his entire family on a full recovery from his injuries. 

Lacrosse is always secondary when it comes to the severity of Brendan's accident and the injuries he sustained. We are all amazed and inspired by his progress up to this point and the fact that he has been released from the hospital is simply incredible and a testament to Brendan. We wish you all of the best on a full recovery.

That being said, we will miss that lefty laser coming from any corner of the field this season and the confidence you bring to the lacrosse field!

Cheers Brendan! We are all praying for you everyday!