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30 Days Away! 


Dear Drexel Men’s Lacrosse Alumni, 


It feels like a month ago that my fellow Dragons and I were suiting up in the January sub-freezing temperatures and getting ready to shovel the snow off the field at 43rd and Powelton. It also feels like last week when we were waking up at 5 a.m. for “Breakfast Club” runs to City Hall and back to 33rd and Market St.  And finally, it truly feels like yesterday that my fellow senior class mates and I were suiting up for what turned out to be our last run together in a playoff game against Towson. I cannot tell you how much I miss the camaraderie that was playing Drexel Lacrosse. The main theme throughout every lasting Drexel Lacrosse memory, whether good or bad, is the intangible “we” factor. No matter if it was pushing a 200 pound sled across hot astro-turf, studying for tests, beating the #1 ranked Virginia Cavaliers on a cold day in February, or losing in the opening seconds of an overtime CAA Championship game to Hofstra in ’08, Drexel Lacrosse has and always will be the greatest experience of my life.

As a recent graduate, and proud alumni of the Drexel Lacrosse program, I have accepted an important role within the Alumni ranks in hopes to continue to cement the foundation that is West Philly’s Finest. West Philly’s Finest has developed through the hard work and dedication of a few very important alumni who we all know and love. With the help of a few other key recent graduates, we are planning to build upon the ground work that has been laid, and bridge the gap from each Drexel Lacrosse Alumni generation. 

There is no doubt the 2012 Drexel Lacrosse Season has a tremendous buzz surrounding it. The University as a whole has begun to truly accept the fact the Drexel Men’s Lacrosse Program is a major driver for the school. Currently, the program has moved beyond it’s growing pains stage and for Drexel Lacrosse as a whole, there is no turning back. There is no more mediocrity, there are no more moral victories, and obviously there are no more excuses for not getting the job done across the board. Coach Voelker and his staff are poised to take the boys into the Top 10 and cement their position as one of the top programs in the country year in and year out.

West Philly’s Finest wants YOU to get involved! We have ramped up our operation and our marketing efforts for the 2012 season. We are currently in the midst of re-launching the website: We are confident that you are going to like what you see when it rolls out. We have all committed to keeping this website as up to date as possible with articles ranging from pre and post-game summaries, interviews, videos, the very popular Rodger Lodge’s Corner, and a nice spot for welcoming in all of the spectacular recruits. The idea would be for all Alumni, whether a 1970 Grad or 2010 Grad, to be kept up to date no matter where you are in the world.

Here is what West Philly’s Finest and our Drexel Dragons need from YOU:

·         Attend at least 2 Home Games

o   A reasonable request, especially considering the incredible schedule of games played at Vidas Field (see below) and of course, food and adult beverages provided.

§   (Virginia 2/18, Notre Dame 3/3, Bucknell 3/13, Hofstra 3/24, and Penn State 4/7, with full schedule here:

·         “How Many  > How Much”

o   We ask that everyone donate something back to the program.  In prior years we tiered the donation levels and tried to incentivize with shirts… this year our goal is to get every WPF member to donate and show our dedication, regardless of the $ amount.   You will be receiving a call from a member of West Philly’s Finest in hopes that you can donate immediately. The money goes directly to the TEAM. I know we all talk about how times are tough, but the bottom line is we all went to Drexel University, we all played lacrosse there, and we all can afford to give something back to the program we love.


Upcoming Events:

-          Voelker’s Preseason Event: Drexel Men’s Lacrosse Season Kick-off

o   Thursday, January 26, 2012

o   6:30 pm – 8:30 pm

o   Baby Blue’s BBQ (next to New Deck Tavern

§  3402 Sansom St. Phila, PA 19104

-          Towson Beef and Beer

o   We will host a beef and beer with the Towson Game on a webcast at Landmark!

o   Saturday, 4/21/12

o   Landmark Americana, 34th and Chestnut St., Phila, PA

As you can tell we are beyond excited for the start of the Dragons 2012 Season. Virginia comes to 43rd and Powelton in one month from today! I can already taste what the atmosphere is going to be like down at Vidas Field. Look out for me running the 50/50 this year. Cash is king and if you win, you take half the pot and the rest goes back to West Philly’s Finest so that we can put more into the tailgate atmosphere.




Brian Neary


Drexel University Men’s Lacrosse Class of 2009