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Hempstead Skifozos 


Hempstead Skifozos


Good evening all!


I just want to first thank my lord and savior for not making our boys head up to Long Island this year. No Hempstead, no Queens = the greatest thing possible, ever. Talk about your worst reoccurring dreams: I have three. The first is where I am back on Campus, just literally, obliterating everything in my path and then I come to realize I have a Final for some class that I have never even been to but that I unknowingly have been signed up for…brutal. The second is where I’m chilling in my dreams, probably just killing it all over the place, and then all of a sudden my teeth start to turn to mush and they just start mushing out of my face…weird and brutal but probably means something. The last one is where I wake up in the morning and I am in a hotel bed at the Hempstead Marriot on Long Island and I can’t smack myself to wake up and end the dream. I proceed to get up out of bed and am somehow teleported to some crap road on LI with 95 lanes of traffic at a standstill and every other car is blasting techno beats in their tinted out rice burners. This dream is by far the worst and I have to inception myself out of it by running myself over, which usually works.


Anyway, the real topic this week is a gigantic matchup at Vidas Field. Hofstra comes in having a solid season so far up to this point. They seem to have caught a little fire recently and have won some big games for themselves. Regardless of that fact, the skifozos from Strong Island, should always come limping out of West Philly with a loss. I will leave the “Know Your Enemy” stuff for my colleague but I just wanted to comment and make sure everyone knows that this Hofstra team is very, very beatable. Usually they come in with a nice team of Canucks and FLIDs that can toss the ball around and then at the end of the season they lose in the first round of the playoffs, but even more so this year they are kind of weak all the way around. They have some guys stepping up into some nice roles but WPF is out in full force we can knock them back up 95N real quick. Nothing worse than a 3-5 hour bus ride after getting worked out in West Philly.


The table is set for an incredible evening at 43rd and Powelton. Baby Blue’s BBQ will be out with some incredible grub and WPF is going to have the strongest showing of the year so far. Let’s get ready to completely demoralize this Hofstra team. 2 years ago Hofstra came in here and a little Canuck by the name of “Churchy” hammered some flaccid goalie for 7 goals…with a little help from the boys behind the net of course! Let’s plan on doing the same thing during this meeting!


Peace in the Middle East


Rodger Lodge


PS - the picture attached is a picture of Hofstra's number 77. He's touted as by far their biggest threat. Nothing screams the hatred I have for Hofstra Lacrosse more than this kid's roster pic. I can't wait until this idiot walks out on our field and just gets completely crushed. From what I understand he is their only offensive force. Let's get alllll over him early.

Ohhhhh we're halfway there 


“Wake up in the morning feeling like P Diddy”
…maybe they should change that to “R Lodgyy” because if you have not heard by now I am simply as A-list as it gets out here on the West Coast. Most recently I have been flying back and forth to Vidas field in the chopper in hopes to catch a W from our boys. Jeez fellas, can’t a quadtrillionaire god get a win for his troubles? I mean seriously, I’m out here paying $5.50/gal on gas for my chopper and I can’t even pop a bottle of Dom P on the way home, what’s up with it?!?!
So here’s how I see it; The Dragons of 2012 have had a bit of a stumble out of the gate. The stumble continues up until about the time the horse rounds the halfway stake and then the thoroughbred that is the Drexel Dragons begins to find it’s stride. I mean seriously what other choice do the boys have?
The Team as individuals is pretty incredible on paper and continue to hustle around, but unfortunately cannot find the right bounce to turn the season on a downhill tilt to get the fire burning. I know the boys have it, it’s just a matter of a few better bounces going our way and a few more big plays made and the team will be right where we thought they would be come playoff time.
The whole idea behind that last paragraph is great but it means nothing if the boys just think it’ll happen for them. The key to the rest of the season is taking it day by day. Each practice is the most important practice of the season and the ability to culminate at the end of the week in a rip roaring group of players ready to take the next opponent out through a well devised game plan and hustle is exactly what they need…One game at a time and build off each win. That is the only way the team, in my opinion of course, gets on tilt and rides the wave into the CAA playoffs.
A few hints for the boys; stop letting the other team score more than you, stop shooting high to high stick side, and make sure you always score more than the other team. Boom, roasted.
Back to my mojito

West Philly comes to the Main Line 



Good Day Friends and Alumni

Wow! I don’t even get a second to write about how on point I was in my pre-game Lodge write up on Albany and we are looking at over 24 hours before the Dragons take on their nemesis from the Main Line.

I won’t even bring up the Albany game because like I said prior I don’t think Albany is that good. I was pretty on point in my write-up though, gotta give me that.

So I think if I look back at last year and the year before at my Villanova articles they were probably ridiculously intense and filled with hate. Please expect the same with this one but please also note that I am under the gun with because I have all day meeting with Scorsese today. 

The great thing about tomorrow night is that almost everything besides the location of the game is going in Drexel’s favor. In the beginning of the year when I had the rarest moment of humility I looked up and down the Villanova line up and realized they were going to be a very good team this year. The best thing about this is that THEY think they are a very good team. Any team that returns almost everyone except some overrated LSM and had a year like Nova did last year is going to be cocky and have a high perspective of themselves. And then you compound that with the fact that, that team is Villanova and that they think their poop smells like roses, and their daddies and milfs tell them that their poop smells like roses, you have a team that needs a licking badly. They come off of a win at Bucknell where they worked through some adversity to win and some bro who wears spandex when its 90 degrees out scored a few goals, so they probably feel pretty tough right now. Fortunately for us Bucknell isn’t the team everyone thought they would be and Nova was lucky to get out of there with a W. Hence, this is a perfect time to give them a nice drunk uncle backhand and put these doughboys back in their place. Their reputation is always on the line when Drexel drives from 43rd and Powelton out Lancaster Avenue through the heart of West Philly and finally onto a stretch of land that has been coined the “Main Line.”

Talking about the match up and who played who so far really means nothing with this game. I can’t say that we’ll win by 3 because of this or we’ll let up this many goals because of that, the game is going to have to be a dog fight. Drexel needs to play a tremendous game on Defense. I mean like a lights out game on Defense. This is a must. The offense is going to score goals. Nova is and always will be soft on Defense so I do not worry about putting up 8-10 goals on them. Bottom line, we need to shut the spandex boys down and the Cats fall apart. No doubt about it.

It’s going to be a good old cultural divide in the stands tomorrow night and I always love that. Just close your eyes and picture this: the east side of the stands – fake blonde hair moms cheering for their sons who have never done anything wrong in their lives – “Go Xander!” “Way to go Sigmund! Keep it up!” “I wish I was still breastfeeding you Rutherford!” You know the usual. On the west side of the stands – picture a bunch of incredibly handsome gentlemen who graduated from Drexel University with more lines than Chris Farley on a Tuesday night.

Please come out to the game after work. There should be a solid contingent of alumni out with the Parents of our boys!

See you there.

Licking my, chinese food, cat eating lips…


PS – This picture was taken from Villanova’s party Saturday night.